Saints Row Gameplay Trailer Details Characters and Factions in the Game


Saints Row is a franchise that has changed the way that people look at Open-World titles. The latest instalment to the franchise has the biggest and the best playground they have ever created for a title. The upcoming game will based in the city of Santo Ileso, a fictional city that is overridden by crime. The players have to create their own criminal venture in the city and try to rise to the top. The game is being published by Deep Silver and developed by Volition and they have just released a new gameplay trailer for the title.

Santos Ileso has been dubbed as the ‘ultimate sinner’s playground’. It is a city that has multiple factions ruling over it such as, Los Panteros, The Idols, Marshall Defence Technologies and one more that hasn’t been announced yet. Players will have squash all of these factions in order to become successful. Players will be helped by Neenah, Eli and Kevin, to build their headquarters and grow their notoriety and criminal standing in the city of sinners.

The trailer has told the players that they do not have to build just any gang, but an ‘institution’ of the Saints. The players will begin the game by building a startup, which will of course be as illegal as it gets and will have to take down every faction, one by one. Los Panteros are smuggles, the Idols are just homicidal, Marshall Defence Technologies are basically the cops of the title and were also the former employers of the players, way out in the desert is another faction that will be talked about later.

Eli will be the player’s ‘Strategic Business Associate’ who will put his all in order to help the player build their business. Nina is a street racer who provide the player with all his car needs. Kevin is a thrill junkie that will be there for all the wild rides that the player goes on. Saints HQ will become the one stop solution for all the player’s needs. The players will be going on their own journey and will be able to shape their criminal enterprise as they wish to.

Players will also have an arsenal of the most destructive weapons at their mercy, which will include all types of guns and melee weapons. Players should also have a collection of cars as it will help them get around the city and will also work as a great business venture. Saints Row will be releasing on August 23, 2022. Players can purchase the game for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Stadia and Epic Games.


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