Is CoD: Mobile A Pay-To-Win Game? This Is The Truth

CoD: You might wonder why the new free-to-play game costs nothing to download, set up, and start playing. You don’t have to pay anything to play any mode. CoD Mobile isn’t the only mobile game that lets you play for free. Many mobile games do this, preferring to make money through video ads and premium currencies.

Of course, games need money to be made and kept going, so it’s not surprising that Call of Duty Mobile has a lot of ways for players to spend their CP (Call of Duty Points).

If these buyable only change how a character looks and don’t affect gameplay, that’s usually fine. But a game could be called “pay to win” if players can pay money to get extra bonuses that help them win.

Call of Duty: Mobile Pay to Win characteristics

When this was written, Call of Duty Mobile was still in beta testing, and only people in India could play it. Even though the game could change before its official release, a few possible pay-to-win features could make the game less fun for players.

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Besides the usual cosmetic options that change how characters and weapons look, there are also upgradeable perks and different types of weapons. Players can use real-world money to buy better guns and other perks. These change how the game is played. One weapon, for example, lets the player run faster for three seconds after respawning. Another makes it faster to reload. Both of these boots don’t hurt anything. It can be true that “Call of Duty Mobile is pay to win.”

It’s still unclear whether these microtransactions will be in the full game. Here’s hoping the game can be changed so players can’t buy a lot of power.

Tips and tricks for playing and winning at Call of Duty Mobile

There’s much to learn to get started, win matches, and gain XP. So, let’s dive into our many tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Setting up your phone and Call of Duty Mobile.

System requirements for Call of Duty Mobile on the iPhone

Works on phones as far back as the iPhone 6S and as far forward as the iPad Air 2.

System needs for Call of Duty Mobile on Android

Your phone must have Android 4.3 or at least 2GB of RAM.

Prepare device storage

You’ll need about 1.6GB of space on your device to install Call of Duty: Mobile and store game data, so you may need to get rid of something. If you’re right at the limit, your phone won’t work either, and this is a demanding game. COD: M breaks up the files, so you only have to download what you need. The whole speciality can be up to 12GB.

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Turn off background processes and alerts.

If your device has a “gaming mode,” now is the time to use it to turn off notifications you don’t want and stop other processes that might be slowing your phone down. To get the most out of CoD: M, your phone needs to work as well as it can.

Increase the brightness

You shoot what you can see. The brighter, the better, so turn off auto-brightness, turn up the levels, and ensure “night mode” or the “blue light filter” isn’t on, as it will change how you see things. If your phone has a gaming mode, use it to turn off auto-brightness.

Connect your Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation controller:

You can hook up a game controller to your phone to play games. When you play, you’ll be paired with other people who use controllers so that no one has an unfair advantage. First, use Bluetooth to connect the controller to your device. Then, go to settings > controller to see if the controller is connected and change how things work.

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The best settings and controls for Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has a lot of settings and options, and the best ones depend a lot on how you like to play and what phone or tablet you’re using. It’s important to try out all of the options.

Select “Advanced”

At the start of the game, you can choose between a simple control method or an advanced one. Simple lets you fire automatically when you point at someone, but Advanced gives you full control. You should choose Advanced, even if it means practising a bit more.

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Customise your controls

Tap the settings cog from the lobby to see the game’s settings. In Controls, you can choose between Simple and Advanced, like above. However, in Advanced, a ” Customize ” button lets you move control elements around. Remember that the docks for multiplayer and battle royale are slightly different, and customize both.

To drop a shot, turn on the prone button:

A recent change is that you can now go straight to prone (lying down) without having to hold down the crouch button for a long time. By default, the “prone” button is turned off. If you turn it on, you can drop to the ground and keep fighting, called “drop shooting.” It’s common in PUBG and is becoming more common in COD: M since the new control option was added. Settings > Basic controls > Hide prone button is where you can change the settings.