Rumbleverse: 5 Awesome Moves You Didn't Know You Could Do

As battle royals become more diverse and more accessible, they’re quickly becoming a lot more entertaining to play for all types of gamers. This has allowed developers to experiment with the genre, and see where it can go beyond gun fighting. This is something that Rumbleverse does really well; it has changed the formula making it a fun game overall. Rumbleverse does change the formula quite a bit; much like Naraka: Bladepoint, it focuses primarily on melee to close-range combat. Meaning, that players will be playing more aggressively since the game doesn’t require much strategy.

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Being different and easy to play, can make Rumbleverse one of the best battle royals to play on Xbox. Which in turn, has allowed the genre itself to grow. What the game does differently from others is how it plays, players would be picking moves instead of weapons, and those moves can be used during the match. They will know most of the moves they get because they will be picking them up often. However, what players won’t know are the moves they already have, most of which can be supplemental to their attacks. This list should paint a good picture of those moves, and players should be using them often since they already have them.


5 Super Jump

There are many ways to traverse the world of Rumbleverse, after all, it’s a battle royal about mobility, so moving around is very important. Much like the Boost Jump, where players jump as soon as they hit the ground, in turn, gives them more height on the second jump. Super Jump acts somewhat the same way, but the main difference is there’s one extra step. As soon as players hit the ground, they should jump as if they’re doing a Boost Jump, and then, in midair, do a dodge move.

That dodge move gives players even more elevation, which can help them get out of hot situations with ease. While this move can be done on most surfaces, for added effect, players should try it out on bouncy surfaces. Meaning trucks, banners, and other things that can give players more elevation. If they do the Super Jump on any of those bouncy surfaces, they will get even more height. If players do this move right, they’ll see a gust of wind around their character after they come down.

4 Halo Jump

Jumps are a great way to get around, and the higher the jump, the better the player can control a fight. Super Jump is a great jump move to help them out of any conflict. But the best way to do that jump is by doing it before or after a fight since there’s a buildup to it. On the other hand, players can utilize the Halo Jump, for many reasons like helping players jump farther, something they need to be doing. Plus, it’s hard to counter. The best part about the Halo Jump is that it’s as quick as the normal jump in Rumbleverse. To do this move, players should either tap or hold block, jump, then press dodge, all quickly one after the other.

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The hardest thing about this move is doing the button inputs, however, once players learn that, they can go anywhere quickly. On top of that, unlike most jumps in the Rumbleverse, is that the Halo Jump keeps the momentum before initiating the jump. So if players are running before the jump, they’ll keep that same momentum as they Halo Jump. An added tip for this jump, if they are pressing the dodge button beforehand, the Halo Jump can launch them farther, which is really great if players want to escape or get back in the circle. Plus items that can’t be taken to a higher level can easily be done with this jump.

3 Super Cancels

This is something many players won’t know they can do, especially the newer ones. The Super Cancel is a great move for players to defend themselves against stronger attacks. If an enemy player is about to do a wall splat or stun the player, this is a great way to counter that. As long as players do the wall splat and the stun first, countering becomes very easy. Once they do the initial steps, players should grab the enemy, launching them into the air. From there, players can go offense to either push them out of the circle or do a lot of damage.

This move is best paired with perks like Tempers, which deals 20 percent more damage only after the player is being hit. In battle royal games like Rumbleverse, players will get attacked quite a bit. So with this perk plus the Super Cancel move, attacking enemies will come with ease. However, doing this attack is best done on the ground level, because players will need to grab enemies, which is easier than in the air, but not impossible.

2 Wall/Air Grabs

One of the best things about Rumbleverse is that is quite fun, but also punishes players for not watching their backs. Wall and Air Grabs are a good example of that because it can stop an enemy player from getting away. If an enemy is climbing a wall, players can either climb after them or use the Halo or Super Jump to catch up to them, then grab and throw them downward. Plus, if players land in any of the hot landing spots, then doing this move can be done often.

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At the start of every match, enemy players will either be focused on getting loot or escaping, and if they know that they can do any Wall Grab early on, they can. The Air Grab is also very useful, players can catch an enemy player jumping and do the same thing as a Wall Grab. However, players should be cautious, because if they can do it so can enemies. The best way to dodge it is for them to utilize the air dodging mechanic, something that players can forget to use.

1 Wall Jumping

As mentioned before, one of the biggest and most important mechanics in Rumbleverse is movement, getting away from the enemy or chasing them down. Wall Jumping takes everything of what Super Jump and Halo Jump are and makes them better. Wall Jumping can work in tandem with those jumps, in turn making the player quick and harder to hit. While air dodges are a great way to counter the Wall and Air grabs, along with other attacks, Wall Jumping is an even better way to counter that.

However, when using this move players should keep an eye on their stamina, because each step takes it away at a constant rate. However, as mentioned before, if they use this jump with other moves featured in this list, getting to point A to point B will make them move faster, in turn, potentially not using as much stamina.

Rumbleverse is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC.

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