Royale High: Tips and Tricks on How to Get Diamonds Quickly

Would you like to have as many diamonds as you want at Royale High? We show you the best ways to do things.

Roblox has become a big deal among gamers, even though its graphics and gameplay are pretty “simple.” So much so that millions of players from all over the world are interested in it.

Because it’s compatible, you can log in and play from different platforms, like computers, mobile phones, and Xbox One, and even spend hours having fun exploring virtual worlds. Even though there are a lot of games on Roblox, only a few stand out, such as Royale High. This article shows you how to get diamonds quickly in Royale High.

Royale High: How to Get Diamonds

The most important thing on the map is the Royale High diamonds because you can buy everything in the store, including dresses, hairstyles, sceptres, crowns, home decorations, wings, and more.

And for the diamonds to be yours, your avatar must walk or fly over them. The diamonds will then be added to your balance sheet automatically. But it’s not easy to do this because there aren’t many of them on the road.

Buying Robux is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to get more coins, but not all players have real money. So, here’s what you need to do if you want to get exclusive accessories and items at Royale High without spending a dime:

Royale High lets you use your computer.

The Royale High map gives every player a beautiful, high-end apartment for free, where they can hang out with their friends, sleep, and do much more. Each of them has a built-in computer that lets you get coins.

At Royale High, you can log in to the computer and get free diamonds every 16 hours.

To win 100 free diamonds in Royale High, all you have to do is use a computer. Every 16 hours, this task can be done.

See what happens. Taking a Spin at Roulette

This server has a lot of things to do, but spinning the wheel is an easy way to get diamonds. The roulette wheel is in the town of Royale High, right next to the venue called “Sapphire.”

Spin the wheel to win a lot of coins you can use to buy things at Royale High.

To make it spin, you must click on the roulette wheel and wait for it to finish. In this roulette, you can win prizes like accessories and thousands of diamonds. Every 16 hours, this task can be done.

Talk to the Original Source

After getting the prize from the roulette wheel, you next should go to the source, which is in the same place. The well is just a few meters to the north.

This fountain is easy to spot because it is in front of a building with a big star. To get the diamonds, click on the source. A simple quiz will pop up. We suggest you pick the first answer for every question and try again after 45 minutes.

Diamonds can be earned while you sleep.

Like every other Roblox map, Royale High requires you to level up your character and improve your skills. The best thing you can do to level up in this game is sleep on your apartment bed.

Get a good night’s sleep and make quick money while you’re asleep.

Exactly what you read! When you sleep at Royale High, you will not only gain a level, but you will also earn up to 300 diamonds. This can be done every sixteen hours.

How to Become the Perfect Royale High School Student

Some parts of real life, like going to class, are shown on the Royale High map. Your level will slowly increase after you start going to Royale High School. Not only that, but every 24 hours, you will also get hundreds of diamonds as a reward.

Make sure you do well in school at Royale High if you want to get some free diamonds.

Because of the portals, I got free diamonds.

With the main map, you can get to different scenarios in Royale High. But in the major city, there is a certain spot with different portals that lead to other maps that can’t be seen on the main map.

These portals are next to the roulette wheel on the left side of the building called “Sapphire.” Here, you need to go into the first house. You can tell it’s the right one because it has a rhombus shape at the door. To get to the place, you must go through a portal called “Destination: Enchantix High.”

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You can get as many diamond chests as possible by going through the game portals.

As soon as you enter the world, diamond chests will be all over the stage. Please pay close attention to the fountains on top of each building and in the area around them in the pool area (surroundings and interior).

All of the tasks in this article need to be added to your daily to-do list so that you can plan a way to get diamonds. This regular won’t take you more than 10–13 minutes per day, so use it to your advantage and get a lot of diamonds this year at Royale High.

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