Riot reintroduces popular Night Market back into VALORANT

Riot reintroduces popular Night Market back into VALORANT


VALORANT fans, rejoice. The Night Market is back, providing players an alternative to skin bundles with six additional skins available for collectors and skin aficionados.

After a brief hiatus, Riot is reintroducing the popular feature, Night Market, back into the game. The Night Market offers a direct alternative and a more personalized option to the standard VALORANT store. With a random selection of gun skins, it is yet another opportunity for players to find the skin they want and purchase it.

The Night Market reopened for business on September 28th, causing a storm of excitement across social media.

Benefits of re-introducing Night Market

What the Night Market offers are extra ways to acquire skins. It helps adamant collectors and players collect all the beautiful artwork throughout the game’s history.  Skins will often disappear from the store after a while, leaving players disappointed if they missed their chance.

In addition to making more skins available, the prices are slashed from 20-40% in the Night Market. Unlike the store, with price stags matching the going rate for a newly released game in 2022. The decision becomes less about money and more about acquiring a skin to show off at a discounted price.

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The selection of skins is random and resets every two months. Players will have 12 days to decide if a purchase is worth it. Once the 12 days end, that specific crop of skins will no longer be available to that individual player. Unfortunately, Battle Pass skins won’t be available in The Night Market either.

Complaints about the Night Market selection

In previous Night Market iterations, fans have complained about the type of skins offered that are valued by the community. Plat Chat co-host, Wyatt River, took to the podcast to raise some complaints about the selection.

However, the main takeaway is Riot is giving fans of skins more opportunities to collect. The alternative would be only the store bundles and offers to be available to purchase, limiting the exposure to most skins for the average player.

For players not interested in buying bundles, the Night Market provides another option. The exclusivity and price make it appealing for hard-core skin collectors and newer players looking to add a unique aesthetic flavor to their repertoire. Regardless, skins are a massive boon for Riot, as microtransactions are the basis of their business model.

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More options for the consumer means you might get an Oni skin (my personal favorite) or potentially a Nunca Olvidados Vandal (as I did on my first pull) before you know it.

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