Return to Monkey Island: A Complete Guide to Part 2 (A Dangerous Journey)


After making their own mop and tricking their way onto LeChuck’s ship, Return to Monkey Island players will soon find themselves out at sea. Initially, Guybrush is stuck down in the ship’s hold, trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of cleaning. However, he’s soon able to escape, after which, he’ll need to complete a variety of tasks in order to make it to Monkey Island.

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Part 2 of Return to Monkey Island is a lot more puzzle-oriented than the one which came before it, with players having to overcome a variety of obstacles in order to progress. There’s a fair amount of back and forth involved too, though, thanks to the relatively small size of the ship, this isn’t nearly as time-consuming as it is in some of the game’s other parts.

How to Escape the Ship’s Hold in Part 2 of Return to Monkey Island

Part 2 begins with Guybrush trapped down in the ship’s hold. Each time players try to head up the ladder, Gullet will tell them that they can’t leave until the hold is clean. Each time they try to clean, he’ll throw down another huge glob of grease, effectively creating an endless cycle from which there seems to be no obvious escape. However, where there’s a will, there often tends to be a way.

After picking up the Pamphlet, players should grab the mop that they made in Part 1 and use it to clean up the patch of grease on the floor. As mentioned above, Gullet will throw down more almost as soon as players have finished cleaning, but that’s okay this time. In fact, it ends up working in Guybrush’s favor, as with a greasy mop, he’ll be able to loosen the screw on the porthole, making it much easier for him to remove them.

There are three screws in total, so players will need to lubricate them all before putting the mop back down, making sure to apply grease to the mop before swabbing each one. They’ll then be able to use the knife to remove the Screws, after which, the porthole window will fall out. It’s also possible to make a real mess of the hold by spreading the grease around other surfaces, and doing this twenty times will unlock the Super Swabbie achievement.

Once the screws have been removed, players will need to grab the mop again and grease up the porthole three times. As with the screws, they’ll need to make sure that they’re applying more grease to the mop each time, otherwise, they’ll only end up cleaning it. After the third swab, Guybrush will be able to squeeze through the hole to reach the side of the ship. Players should then make their way to the right and climb up onto the deck using the ladder.

How to Find a Flattened Skull

Players will arrive on deck just in time to hear LeChuck shouting at his crew, after which, he’ll task Guybrush with finding a flattened skull for a special potion that’s needed to reach Monkey Island. In previous Monkey Island games, players have typically used a Jolly Roger flag for this purpose, but there’s not one available this time around. Instead, players will need to head back down to the hold.

If they didn’t already do so earlier, players should open the crate with the cross on it to find Murray. After chatting with him a little about Captain Madison and her plans, they’ll have the option to either convince him to come with them or simply just grab him, both of which will lead to Murray being added to Guybrush’s inventory.

Next, players will want to head through the porthole and back up onto the ship’s deck, then down the wooden stairs near the crow’s nest. There’s a laundry machine just to the right of the stairs, but it will fall to pieces the moment Guybrush goes near it. Thankfully, using the screws from the porthole will allow players to fix it and they can then combine Murray with the newly-repaired device to receive a Flattened Skull.

With Murray now flat, players should head back up onto the deck and put the flattened skull in the cauldron. Unfortunately, however, before the potion can take effect, Gullet will show up and tip it over, which leads to LeChuck throwing him overboard and promoting Guybrush to First Swab. This doesn’t solve the problem of the spilled potion though, and, with no more ingredients with which to make another one, players are going to have to find another way to get to Monkey Island.

To do so, they should head up to the crow’s nest and use the telescope to their right. Looking over to the east will reveal that the three pirate leaders are following LeChuck’s ship and are currently in the process of brewing a potion of their own. It’s at this point that Guybrush has the brilliant idea of following them after their potion is complete, but he’ll there are three big issues that he’ll need to overcome in order for his plan to work.

How to Convince the Crew to Go to Monkey Island

When Guybrush tells the crew about his idea, he quickly learns that none of them were all that keen on going to Monkey Island in the first place, and a unanimous vote against following the pirate leaders pretty much confirms this. Not to be deterred, Guybrush vows to change their minds, after which, players will need to convince all six crew members to vote for his scheme.

How to Convince Iron Rose to Change Her Vote

As they’re already up on the deck, players may as well start with Iron Rose. Speaking with her will reveal that she’s become disillusioned with LeChuck’s leadership and can no longer remember why she agreed to follow him in the first place. Thankfully, Guybrush just so happens to have a motivational pamphlet in his inventory and can hand this over to remind her. After taking a moment to read it, she’ll agree to change her vote, allowing players to move on to the next crewmate.

How to Convince Putra to Change Her Vote​​​​​​

Putra can be found in the ship’s galley, which is just to the left of the entrance to the hold. Speaking with her about changing her vote will reveal that Putra always votes the same way as Iron Rose, so Guybrush already has her vote secured. Unfortunately, Putra is needed to help change one of the other crew members’ votes, so players aren’t done with her just yet.

Asking why none of the other crew members call her Chef will reveal that Putra is only a lowly Cook despite having been pushing for a promotion for quite some time. If Guybrush offers to help her, she’ll hand over the Request for Promotion, which will need to be approved by LeChuck. Players won’t be able to get him to sign off on it just yet, but they will need to go and speak with him to get the ball rolling.

After leaving the kitchen, players should head to LeChuck’s cabin, which is over to the right. Rather than asking him about Putra’s promotion, they should instead mention that they may have found another way to get to Monkey Island. LeChuck isn’t interested though and will remind Guybrush who exactly is in charge before handing over the First Swab’s Report.

Players will need to fill out the report with different health and safety infractions around the ship. To do so, they’ll simply need to use the report together with five of the following eight things:

  1. The ghost rats outside LeChuck’s cabin.
  2. The galley.
  3. The potion stains on deck.
  4. The used-up potion supply boxes on deck.
  5. Gullet, who is now stuck in the ship’s rudder.
  6. The greasy porthole in the hold.
  7. The grease spots in the hold.
  8. The splattered ghost chicken glop in the hold.

Finding all eight messes will unlock the Neat Freak achievement, though, as players will only have space to add five of them to the report, they’ll either need to do this across multiple playthroughs or by reloading their save file after adding some of the items. The first seven messes are available right from the get-go, but to get the last one, players will need to feed the ghost chickens in the hold some Chicken Feed from the sack by the ladder and then leave and re-enter the area.

After completing the report, players should take it to Iron Rose, who’ll hand it back together with some other Papers and tell Guybrush to take it to LeChuck. Before doing so, players should add the request for promotion to the pile of papers to get the Combined Papers, which they can then hand over to the ghost pirate to get rubber-stamped. When they next check their inventory, players will find Putra’s Stamped Request for Promotion.

How to Convince Flair to Change Her Vote

Flair can be found near a wooden barrel near the entrance to the galley. If players ask her about changing her vote, she’ll reveal that she’ll only do so if players can help her to find her grandmother’s knife, which she left in Gullet’s back. Luckily, after being thrown overboard, the former First Swab ended up getting lodged in the ship’s rudder, which players can access by heading through the porthole and taking a left. Once down there, they’ll simply need to grab the Whale Knife, which they can then return to Flair to secure her vote.

How to Convince Flambe to Change His Vote

To persuade Flambe to change his vote, players will need to head up to the crow’s nest and speak with him a little. He’ll agree to support Guybrush’s plan in exchange for a Scorched Alaska, which means paying another visit to Putra down in the galley. After Guybrush hands over her stamped promotion request, she’ll gladly agree to help him out and will whip up a Scorched Alaska in no time at all.

Unfortunately, Putra’s Scorched Alaska is a little too mild for Flambe’s liking, so players will need to find a way to spice it up a little. This can be achieved by heading up onto the ship’s deck and using the knife with the glowing stick to the right of the cannon to cut off the Tip, which will then need to be combined with the Scorched Alaska. At this point, players can have Guybrush try a bit to unlock the Hot Headed achievement. They can then hand the desert over to Flambe and then grab his Joke Book, as this will come in handy in a moment.

How to Convince Apple Bob to Change His Vote

Apple Bob is the last crew member that players will need to convince and can be found hanging upside down on deck not far from Iron Rose. Speaking with him a little will reveal that he’s incredibly bored, so players should hand over the joke book that they just got from Flambe to help occupy his mind. He’ll be thrilled with the offering, and, like the rest of the crew, will agree to support Guybrush’s idea during the next vote.

How to Call Another Vote

Now that all of the crew are onboard with Guybrush’s plan, players should head to the far right of the deck and ring the bell once. As per the nearby piece of paper, this will trigger another vote, with every last crew member supporting Guybrush’s plan this time around. Now that that’s all sorted, players can turn their attention to stealing LeChuck’s map to the secret of Monkey Island.

How to Steal LeChuck’s Map to the Secret

While they’re up on deck, players should take a moment to use the double monocle with the shackles over on the far left-hand side, as the Serial Number that they’ll get for doing so will come in handy later on. Next, players should return to the bell and ring it twice, which will summon LeChuck back up onto the deck. After a few moments of him yelling, players will be able to head to his now empty cabbin and swap Wally’s Map to the Mop Tree with LeChuck’s Map, which can be found sitting on his desk.

How to Get to Monkey Island

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At this point, players have everything that they need to get to Monkey Island, but Captain Madison’s crew does not. Observant players may have noticed that they’re missing a flattened skull, but the same cannot be said of Guybrush. If players use Murray together with the cannon on the ship’s deck, he’ll be blasted over to the pirate leaders’ ship, allowing them to complete the potion. Several cutscenes follow, as well as a spot of insult sword fighting, after which, Part 3 of Return to Monkey Island will begin.

Return to Monkey Island is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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