Resident Evil Re:Verse – Every Playable Bioweapon Creature, Ranked


Resident Evil Re:Verse is an interesting take on the multiplayer PvP formula. On the surface, it seems like a basic third-person free-for-all deathmatch sort of setup, but there’s a bit more to it. As players kill each other, they almost immediately come back or “respawn” as all types of different Bioweapon creatures all across the franchise to “reverse” the situation on their attacker.

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Iconic characters such as Nemesis or Jack Baker are playable, and assuredly more will be in the near future. Becoming these characters, however, all depends on how many Virus Capsules the player picks up while they’re alive. So, let’s go through all five of the Bioweapons currently in Resident Evil Re:Verse and rank them from worst to best.


5/5 Fat Molded

Skills HP Speed Power Range
Enrage & Self Destruct E E E E

Now a lot of this list is going to be obvious, as the Bioweapons that take more Virus Capsules to spawn as are clearly going to have better general stats and skills as a result. That said, there are still some surprises to be found throughout the lineup. But to no one’s surprise, the basic Fat Molded from Resident Evil 7 is not very good. While Enrage might seem like it’s useful for chasing people down, the extra attack players get from pressing the Enrage input again is so incredibly easy to dodge for the human characters (and that includes Hunk too).

Then there’s Self Destruct, the Molded’s other Skill. Now it’s designed to steadily build charge as the player both takes and deals damage so that they need to use it at an optimal time to get the most out of it. But, in reality, it’s never worth the time it takes to build that energy up when players can just blow themselves up, respawn as a human, and get back to getting kills that give more points anyway. Yes the auto attacks Molded has can get other Bioweapons in a stunlock combo rather easily, and it doesn’t require the player to find any Virus Capsules to spawn as the Molded, but those benefits don’t at all counteract the laughable stats and abilities this thing has.

4/5 Hunter Gamma

Skills HP Speed Power Range
Acid Spray & Devour D A D C

It’s forgivable if players don’t exactly remember where Hunter Gamma (AKA Hunter γ) comes from in the RE chronology since this isn’t exactly the most “iconic” monster design in the series. To be precise, this is the remade design of Gamma that appears in the fantastic RE3 remake/remaster from 2020. “Frogger”, as it was called by the development team, is part of the second “tier” of Bioweapons that require players to have one Virus Capsule in their possession to respawn as, alongside Jack Baker.

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That said, while most people prefer playing as Jack, Hunter Gamma does have some aspects of its own to offer. For one, it’s one of the fastest Bioweapons, outclassing Jack and matching Nemesis’ speed. this means that it can be great for chasing down opponents who would otherwise be able to avoid Jack Baker’s attacks. Additionally, both of its Skills are pretty good. Acid Spray, while difficult to aim, does AoE damage and comes up pretty quickly. And Devour, while being a short-range Skill, deals a lot of damage and has a pretty fast execution animation. Still, there aren’t many players who would prefer to spawn as Gamma over Jack, so that pretty much says it all.

3/5 Nemesis

Skills HP Speed Power Range
Rocket Launcher & Pursuing Tentacle B B A A

This is the big mix-up in the rankings that a lot of players will likely disagree with, but Nemesis, the previously human ultra monstrosity of RE3 is genuinely worse than Jack Baker even though Nemesis spawns from two Virus Capsules and Jack only spawns from one. The Rocket Launcher Skill is so easy to see coming as one of the human characters and even easier to roll away from.

And the Pursuing Tentacle, while useful at close range since it’s very hard for opponents to dodge, needs the initial part of the attack to hit in order to execute, and it’s hard to keep a player that close while triggering it. And, to make matters worse, his auto attacks are so easily interruptable by other Bioweapons. Yes, they do a ton of damage, but that’s only if no other Bioweapon, especially Jack Baker, is around the brush by him with their melee attacks and stops him in his tracks.

2/5 Jack Baker

Skills HP Speed Power Range
Chainsaw Scissor Whirlwind & Welcome To The Family C D B D

Moving on to Jack Baker, likely the most iconic character from RE7 and the scariest (well, second scariest behind his wife) character of the game. Jack is honestly the most reliable Bioweapon to use overall. Not only is his Chainsaw Scissor Whirlwind a fantastic approaching move for chasing human characters, especially since they always try to dodge the first spin and get hit by the second, but it can also hit multiple targets at once. And, as a bit of a cherry on top, it even knocks them down onto the ground.

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Then, if Jack follows up that knockdown with a Welcome to the Family punch, it’s almost always an execution. To top it all off, because of his Chainsaw Scissors, Mr. Baker also just has a fantastic melee attack range that easily gets other Bioweapons stuck in his combo chain taking hit after hit with no hope of escape.

1/5 Super Tyrant

Skills HP Speed Power Range
Leaping Strike & Dashing Strike A A A B

Last up, let’s end things with Super Tyrant aka Mr. X from the iconic and beloved RE2, who is one of the best survival horror monster designs of all time, both before and after his creation. This is the other 2 Virus Capsule Bioweapon alongside Nemesis, and he’s just way better in about every way. Not only does he have a bigger health pool and more speed than Nemesis, but his Skills make it so that his “lack” of range is almost entirely forgotten about.

Dashing Strike goes far, can be controlled while moving, can be canceled early, and has its own finisher animation. Then Leaping Strike, his other Skill, does fantastic AoE damage and can be controlled mid-air as well. Overall, it checks out that Super Tyrant is one of the tougher Bioweapons to get mid-match, as he’s well worth the work collecting Capsules to have even a chance of using him MORE: The Best Horror Video Game Commercials And Reveal Trailers


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