Repair technician finds Switch game cards crammed into busted Wii U


The Switch has been an incredible success for Nintendo, reaching over 111 million units sold around the world. The Switch’s predecessor, the Wii U, struggled to find any sort of audience, selling roughly 14 million units in its lifespan. That said, the Switch couldn’t have thrived without the Wii U paving the way.

Some of the Switch’s sales victory comes directly from the Wii U, as a number of Wii U games were ported over to the Switch. Those Wii U games were fantastic, but couldn’t convince customers to purchase the Wii U itself. Those games, when moved over to the Switch, found a whole new level of success.

That’s what makes this odd story so funny to me. The gang at Brooklyn Games & Arcade, a location that buys and sells gaming equipment, cracked open a Wii U to see what was keeping it from working. Inside they were surprised to see a handful of Switch game cards. Turns out the previous owner’s son crammed the Switch game cards into the Wii U, and no one has any idea of what compelled him to do so. That said, there’s something poetic about Switch games finding their way back to the Wii U, especially when one of the game cards stuck inside was Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze!

Here’s the best part about the situation. The Wii U actually survived the Switch game onslaught and still works perfectly. Equally good, the Switch game cards survived the incident as well. Now all that’s left to figure out is why this kid thought hiding Switch game cards in a Wii U was a good idea!


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