Red Dead Online XP Hack: The Quickest Way to Level Up

To sum up, if you want to level up quickly in Red Dead Online, you will need to zero in on a certain set of pursuits that provide the most experience points. Farming the complex ways below is the most efficient way to level up quickly in Red Dead Online.

Complete Missions

The online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 has a broad selection of tasks for players to accomplish, much like the narrative campaign of the game. These missions vary from those related to the game’s main plot to those that are completely random. Both missions provide a substantial number of experience points and may be completed several times, but you will only be allowed to accept one stranger assignment each day. After completing a task for a stranger, it is recommended that you prioritize completing tale missions as well as other types of missions.

Kill foes in new ways.

During the game, you may rack up several experience points by dispatching foes with unconventional methods such as a bow, grenades, headshots, and melee weapons. As a result, we strongly advise you to do most of your hunting with bows and to save these other alternatives for when you are securing wide areas free of adversaries. Additionally, certain kinds of special ammunition might enable you to get a small number of experience points.

Do the Daily Challenges and the Golden Buckle.

The following strategy is another simple option to choose on the path to gain experience points rapidly. Red Dead Online will provide its users with a new set of tasks daily. These challenges may require certain hunting animals, harvesting specific flora, or murdering other players in a specified manner.

Because completing these tasks will provide you with gold and a good quantity of experience points, we strongly advise you to log in each day only to complete these challenges before engaging in any other activities.

In addition to the daily tasks, you also want to consider participating in the Golden Buckle challenges. You will be tasked with various activities, such as hunting specific animals or killing a predetermined number of enemies, to complete these buckle challenges. If you complete these challenges, you will be rewarded with a golden buckle and significant experience.

Finish Races and Battles

You may compete in PVP minigame forms such as Races and Showdowns, and if you win, you’ll be rewarded with a significant sum of cash and experience points. Both of these activities are great farming options because doing them gives you a respectable amount of experience merely doing so. You may rapidly join these events using the game’s in-game multiplayer settings, and you can do so from any place on the map, as illustrated in the picture to the right.

Go Hunting

The world of Red Dead Online is filled with a wide variety of animals, and players have the opportunity to hunt almost everything that moves. You will also get a tiny number of experience points (XP) if you kill an animal, but this will not be sufficient to advance your character’s level. However, when the Trader and Naturalist roles are merged, the opportunity to go hunting becomes one of the more practical choices.

Get Gangs Out of Their Hides

Hideouts for the many gangs in Red Dead Online may be found all around the game’s vast open area. These hideouts are essentially the same as those found in the narrative mode in that they are populated by Bandits who you may kill and plunder for their riches. In Red Dead Online, clearing out enemies is not just a great good method to gain some XP early on, but it can also be paired with utilizing weapons like the bow and aiming for the head to win even more XP.

Do things related to your role.

The several jobs available in Red Dead Online are not only good sources of experience but also excellent means to quickly level up inside the game. It is also recommended that you farm for collector goods since every time you sell a collection, you will also get a respectable amount of experience in addition to making a lot of money. Bounty hunter missions and other role-related tasks are also effective sources of experience, particularly those Bounty hunter missions that include many foes for you to defeat.

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Play with your friends and make a gang.

When you are in a posse, you can gain triple XP from completed missions and from farming the many alternatives presented on this list. Playing with pals is another excellent choice because of this perk. Therefore, if you combine this with the other available choices, you will level up more quickly than you would yourself. If you are concerned in learning how to put together a posse, you can do so by selecting the option shown in the picture above this one.

Play when there are extra XP events.

From time to time, Rockstar will announce that they will be conducting an XP event. During this event, users who log in and play the game will receive double the amount of XP they normally would. When a competition is going on, it is highly recommended that you participate in it. In doing so, you can make the most of the additional experience points gained.

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