Radiant Silvergun getting a physical release via Limited Run Games


Live Wire has revealed that they will be releasing three different physical editions for Radiant Silvergun via Limited Run Games.

The three edition are the standard edition, “Steelbook Edition”, and the “Collector’s Edition.” Pre-orders open today.

The Collector’s Edition includes a newly
written chiptune arrangement sound to commemorate the sale of this package, as well as the “Radiant Silvergun Soundtrack – “, which was only available as a pre-order bonus for the Sega
Saturn version is included in the special soundtrack CD.

The arranged sound is a chiptune arrangement with a dynamic and powerful sound that is
mainly based on 8bit-style retro sound sources. Also, by changing the in-game settings, you can
enjoy the game while listening to this arranged sound.

PEPOSOFT, a game music native who learned composition while making music for games, is in
charge of arranging the music for Team Ladybug.


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