PUBG Mobile version 2.3 update brings Lionel Messi collaboration, new Characters, and more


 As PUBG Mobile celebrates and welcomes Lionel Messi joining PUBG Mobile as its honorary Global Chicken Cup Captain, it will release its new Version 2.3 Update, which will offer a variety of football-themed things (including in-game clothing, cars, events, and more). As PUBG Mobile begins an incredible sporting season, one gorgeous game meets another! Several new cosmetics are also available for players to use as part of Cycle 3 Season 9 and Royale Pass Month 17.

Lionel Messi will take up his captaincy of the PUBG Mobile Global Chicken Cup

Remember to accept Messi’s event invitation to receive special rewards, including the upcoming collaboration jersey, which will be available tomorrow. Lionel Messi will assume captaincy of the PUBG Mobile Global Chicken Cup in the Version 2.3 Update, bringing with him a multimap makeover along with a batch of goodies and rewards for players ready to get their head in the game.

Additionally, players who find themselves in Erangel, Livik, or Nusa will have the chance to find Messi’s Golden Shoes, which will grant their wearer a helpful speed boost, or use the Wonder Football, which can be used to draw opponents towards its landing point after being kicked! The one-person Zorb Football Vehicle on the other hand allows players to envelop themselves in a huge football, which can be kicked into the air by teammates.

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The mine hole in Erangel has undergone a major transformation since the Football Carnival area arrived! Explore the views of a stunning new urban complex designed in the style of Middle Eastern architecture while riding about on specially created tracks in the Zorb Football Vehicle. The city is stocked with extra supplies and themed goodies.

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In order to make the most of another opportunity in the battleground, players are also encouraged to access the new treasury, which is only accessible after a certain amount of time has passed and offers even more valuable supplies for grabs. Players will also automatically receive a Respawn Card in the area.

Additionally, there are various-sized football fields dotted about Erangel where players can gain more resources by kicking their Wonder Footballs into the goal. Giga Footballs, which provide excellent cover but explode after taking too much damage, can also be found and used by players. In order to give players a chance to test out several of the update’s new items before the game starts, players will also get the chance to employ Football Flare Guns, which create football-shaped airdrops, and to prepare for war on the football-themed Spawn Island.

PUBG Mobile Version 2.3 Update will feature a Unite For One Goal event

For the first time ever, players will be able to create teams to aid one other in ranking up faster in Rank Up With Friends as part of the Unite For One Goal event in the Version 2.3 Update, which is themed around football season. From November 20 to December 3rd, players who play in a team with friends every day are eligible for a wide range of incentives, including protected ratings, bonus points for placing in the top 30, and double challenge points.

PUBG Mobile Version 2.3 Update
Image via Krafton

Cycle 3 Season 9 and Royale Pass Month 17 to launch on November 19th 2022

Version 2.3 Update also heralds the start of Cycle 3 Season 9, which brings with it a number of new Legendary goods and modifications to the tier goal system, which grants extra rewards for meeting certain season goals.

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On November 19, Astral Splendor content including upgraded RP Favourites Crates and more will be available as part of Royale Pass Month 17! A mechanism that flags teammates if they appear in the in-game Airplane Ranking is another update, and Bonus RP Points and Group Purchase will still be offered. As part of an upcoming partnership with a well-known automaker, players can also soon anticipate zipping across the battlefields. Watch this space for further information on what is included.

Two new characters that can be purchased, Lorenzo and Laith, as well as the brand-new Myth Factory Lucky Spin event, which will give players the chance to acquire Mythic items, join these exciting new additions in the update. On November 20th, PUBG Mobile will host its annual Cyber Week, which will feature Cyber Famous Firearms and Cyber Sign-in Perks.

Other enhancements to PUBG Mobile include weather and transportation modifications for Erangel, Livik, and Nusa, security upgrades, adjustments to the game’s weapons, and much more. In the Version 2.3 Update, the Official Aftermath Mode will also be made available.

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