PUBG MOBILE Lite MOD APK 0.23.7 Download (AimBot/WallHack/UC)


PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK: In the gaming history there many games released year after year but one game that completely changed the gaming style is PUBG Mobile. Yes, Since after its launch in 2017, PUBG Mobile gained huge popularity among all different people. It is a battle royale-style gameplay with multiplayer abilities.

But I am here not for PUBG Mobile APK but for one another game which is a better version of PUBG for some people. No doubt that PUBG is best among all but there are many problems in PUBG Mobile like lagging, glitches, hang and large size. There are many other problems, you need to have a high-end device to run the game but developers have made PUBG Mobile lite.

In the Lite version of the game, you can do everything like smooth gameplay, fix glitches, lags and more. And the best thing is that PUBG Mobile lite is 400 Mb only, you don’t need to download 1.4 GB of a game or anything just 400 Mb and everything will look like as same as PUBG Mobile. Even Graphics, sound and gameplay looks like real.


I am not here to tell you how good is PUBG Mobile Lite but to give you a modded version of the game, In the mod apk of the game, you will get features like Unlimited BP, Wall Hack, Aimbot, and many other and even give you 100% Ban Protection. But Normal APK doesn’t come up with all these features.

Today, I will give you the direct download link of PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK where you will get all these Mod features for free, I think if you want to enjoy the game like Pro then you should go with MOD APK and if you want to play the game genuinely then you should go with Normal APK of the game.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite v0.23.7 MOD APK [Unlimited UC/BC]

Download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.23.7 MOD APK


Download PUBG Mobile Normal APK


PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK Game Description

Just Like PUBG Mobile this game is also developed and published by the same company Tencent, follows the same genre, action, adventure, Arena Mode Matches with 10 minutes of the battleground. You may need only 600 Mb of Space and Minimum 1 Gb of Ram and the game will run smoothly.

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Features of the Game

  • Battle Royale Style: Just like other games, there will be 60 other different players and 2×2 Km of the island where you need to find resources, weapons, supplies, vehicles, to survive till last and zone will shrink.
  • 12 languages: There are more than 12 different world’s popular languages, these consist of English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and more.
  • Arena: There will be different game modes, like 4v4 battles and other arena battles, thrill matches and more, after completing these levels you will get certain rewards, but if you have PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK then don’t worry about rewards.
  • Play with Friends: You can play with your friends, in the local team up the match, room cards to fight against each other, clan modes to play with your friends.
  • HD graphics & Audio: What I like the most in the game is even if the game comprises 600 Mb then also the gameplay is extremely realistic and HD Map. Not Only Graphics but sound is also very good.
  • Team up: You can make your permanent squad where you can use voice chat and other strategies to defeat your enemies. Revive your teammates and survive till last.

Gameplay & Sotryline

PUBG Mobile Lite gameplay

If you have played PUBG Mobile then you don’t need any explanation on gameplay as just like PUBG Mobile the lite version gives you similar gameplay like the main game.  Everything like graphics, details, sound seems like PUBG Mobile but the only thing which is different is a map, as the map contains storage so, they made the map so can fit in 600 Mb.

But storyline is similar to 60 different players, one map and one who will survive till last will win the match. Look for the loot, like Weapons, ammo, and more so that you can become the last man standing. Just like PUBG, here you need to knock down players with weapons.

There will be some different location, you need to check best resources like weapons, armor, and helmets which are scattered in different locations but if you download pubg mobile lite mod apk then you will win always. The safe zone will shrink, more it will shrink more the game will become difficult, kill as man people as you can. You can also use vehicles to move around place fast.

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Weapons of the game


I know you will feel very bad if I say that PUBG Mobile Lite APK has all different weapons that of PUBG Mobile but I won’t say that as Lite version will have all same weapons like PUBG, AKM, AWM, Kar 98k, M416 and more. What I like the most is sniping, and the game will give you huge variety of snipers. Download PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK will give you huge fun and squad mode will let you enjoy everything.

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Features of PUBG MOBILE Lite MOD APK

  • Unlimited BP/UC/Health
  • Wallhack/Aimbot
  • More Damage
  • Mod Menu
  • Increase Jump
  • No Recoil
  • 100% Free to Download
  • Safe to Play/Antiban
  • No Need to Root Device

How to Download and Install PUBG Mobile Lite Game

  1. Uninstall the previous version of the game if you have
  2. Download latest version of the game from the above link
  3. Now, go to Settings>Security and Enable “Unkown Sources” for installation
  4. Install the PUBG Mobile Lite MOD APK on your Android device
  5. If the game asks for any other permissions like audio, contacts, sync and more
  6. Choose your favorite weapons and Fire….

Final words

There are some devices where PUBG Mobile can’t run therefore developers have made the PUBG Mobile Lite which can run on even 1 Gb of RAM devices, even if you want a close fight and more then also you can download PUBG MOBILE Lite MOD APK on your Mobile device. Weapons, graphics, sound everything is just like its Main game, so, you will feel the almost similar experience.

If successfully downloaded and installed the game on your Android device then great but if you’re facing any problem then you can comment below, I will fix your problem. The game is worth playing only if you play it with your friends, so, don’t forget to share this wonderful game with Friends and play with them in squad.

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