PUBG Mobile Has Earned More Than INR 7,400 Crores till now; Genshin Impact Reaches the INR 3,200 Crore Mark


PUBG Mobile was easily one of the most popular and influential mobile games when it was released across the globe. It helped cultivate the Indian Gaming industry and provide us with the top gaming content creators we have today. Even after getting banned from several countries, the game kept going strong. Many have often wondered how much PUBG Mobile earns through its free to play model. Now, this question has finally been answered.

According to the latest data by Sensor Tower (via GameIndustry.Biz), PUBG Mobile has earned more than INR 7,400 Crores as its lifetime revenue. It has also managed to get a whopping 1.1 billion downloads across both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Although its installations and revenue have both decreased by 27% year over year, it still manages to go strong. The game saw 104.4 million downloads and INR 1,300 Crores in revenue between January and September 2022.

There is another title that is achieving fantastic numbers for its lifetime revenue. Genshin Impact has managed to reach the INR 3,200 Crore mark in lifetime revenue. The game achieved 126.4 million downloads across all platforms. Genshin Impact also saw a decrease in downloads and revenue year over year. Revenue was about INR 1,100 crore between Q1 and Q3 2022 and downloads about 37.3 million.

If we had to guess, the reason for the decline in PUBG’s downloads and year-on-year numbers could likely be due to bans in several countries including BGMI. In addition, multiple Battle Royale games for smartphones have landed in the last year or so including Apex Legends Mobile with other slated to arrive soon. Krafton, the game publisher for PUBG Mobile also outlined its efforts to bring BGMI back to India.


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