PUBG Mobile Announces New Collaboration with Maserati


PUBG Mobile has just announced one of the biggest collaborations in gaming. This time around, the battle royale title is collaborating with Italian luxury car manufacturer, Maserati. As of now, we do not know what this collaboration will bring to the players as we have only received teaser for the upcoming collaboration.

Through the post, we can see that two cars of the manufacturer have been promoted, and we will probably see them in the game very soon. The first car is Maserati’s premier SUV, Levante and the other is Maserati’s latest spyder; Cielo. I’m sure players are jumping in their seats to get a chance to drive these vehicles in PUBG Mobile.

This is not the first collaboration for the game with a luxury car manufacturer. They have already had collaborations with Koenigsegg, McLaren, Tesla, Lamborghini, and Dodge. Now they have decided to put another one in their list by collaborating with Maserati. As of now, we cannot tell what this collaboration will entail, but it will surely be exciting.

PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest names in mobile gaming, and it has maintained its position by constantly providing players with new content to try out. Their latest collaboration is with none other than the biggest name in football, Lionel Messi. Players can check out exclusive PUBG x Messi events that are scheduled for the coming weeks.


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