PRINCIPLES is a new adventure title by COLOPL gets a technical demo release in Japan


PRINCIPLES is an adventure-based gaming title by COLOPL, as of now the game has been exclusively released for Android and iOS in Japan. First reported by 4Gamer, the game features a short tale of an adventurer with graphics that will challenge any mobile device to its core.

The game definitely aims towards making a benchmark of its own in terms of graphics

The game, PRINCIPLES is sure to take the players onto not only an adventurous journey but also a visual journey filled with unique ventures that players will undertake while playing the game, PRINCIPLES. The game offers an all in all adventurous experience compounded with stunning graphics which definitely adds to the feel of the game.

Image via COLOPL

The whole in-game story revolves around an adventurer who falls from a rock crack to a cave during his exploration. Now it’s on the adventurer to explore the remaining part of the cave and deal with the secrets and dangers residing within the cave because the cave is not an ordinary one, it is a dark cave with dust, a light through a gap in a rock, a surface that quietly shines with shaking lights.

As the adventurer will progress further down the cave she will discover, that there was a trace of human beings and mysterious ancient ruins left there, which emphasizes the possibility of a civilization possibly having its roots in the cave, the developers have especially focused their attention toward the visual appearance of the game, with graphics that will rival any console game available, combined with 3D sounds simulating reflections and dampness give you a real feel of playing.

Image via COLOPL

The game all in all offers a short but detailed adventure into a cave where mysteries know no bounds and there is everything to be explored. The game will be available for Android via Google Play and for iOS via Apple App Store.

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