Positive Impact of Esports on Our Lives & Industry Development


Several decades ago, it could hardly be predicted that the gaming industry would be exciting entertainment and a huge business. The global interest in esports has constantly been growing, and the number of users involved in the activity reached 450 million worldwide. And it’s predicted that the market will only rise in the following few years.

Can Esports be Equal to Traditional Sports Disciplines?

This question causes heated discussions among experts since the popularity of this activity is constantly growing. While many are skeptical and consider it just time-consuming entertainment, others actively watch tournament streams and dream of becoming esports professionals. Of course, not everyone can become successful in this subject.

Even though there’s a common stereotype that gaming is easy and those involved in esports are just idlers, this is far from the case. This activity requires a lot of skills and long, exhausting training that can be compared with preparations for a traditional sports match. Moreover, technologies are constantly developing, and esportsmen must constantly monitor all changes to remain on-trend.

Fantastic Entertainment for Earning Cash

It’s not a secret that professional esportsmen make good money. Overall, users can try their strengths and start a career in this industry. Unfortunately, success in this field is not given to everyone – to become part of a worldwide-famous team, a person needs outstanding psychomotor and mental abilities. Talented users quickly achieve success and become well-known globally.


However, if you are not ready to try yourself in esports, there’s one more way to earn cash on streaming. This option will definitely delight fans of video slots since betting on esports can be found in almost every sportsbook. Placing a bet on the favorite team is common entertainment, adding a pinch of adrenaline to the match-watching. And, of course, a successful prediction can bring the user additional cash.

Positive Influence of Esports on the Human Mind

Numerous research data show that gamers have better reactions, analytical skills, spatial control, memory capacity, and many other skills. This is why numerous educational institutions are sightly implementing esports in their learning processes. Experts note improvement in mental abilities and quicker development of different skills. So, plenty of schools worldwide recommend adding a limited number of gaming lessons from early childhood.

In addition, it has already been proved that regular gaming helps to relieve stress and provide players with positive emotions. Scientists have successfully used this method for depression treatment. Moreover, regular esports training help in developing communication skills since users constantly exchange experience and knowledge with others. Even semi-professional gamers’ mental abilities, reactions, and other skills are similar to professional athletes. Some users even surpass them in terms of visual search speed.

Perspectives of eSports Industry

Experts predict that the market will grow even more by 2025, and it’s not surprising, considering the skyrocketing popularity of this activity. More and more teams from different countries are involved in esports. At the moment, the leaders are the following:

  • The US, with over 18,000
  • China, with over 4,500 players
  • South Korea, with over 4,000 players
  • France, with over 4000 players
  • Sweden, with over 2,600 players

Users and teams from the mentioned countries are considered the leaders of the industry that participate in a huge number of tournaments and regularly demonstrate their remarkable achievements in eSports. Such events attract the attention of millions of people, so we are absolutely confident that this discipline will soon take its place of honor among traditional sports.


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