Pokemon Silver Fan Makes Cartridge Out of Actual Silver


A Pokemon Silver fan creates a playable cartridge out of fine silver that’s worth over $750 using 3D printing and metalworking techniques.

Since the 1990s release of Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon fans have been known to get creative with their enthusiasm for the franchise with unique fan art and impressive DIYs. One Pokemon player has decided to make a Pokemon Silver cartridge entirely out of actual silver.

The YouTube channel called Modified started creating content only about a month ago, but it has made interesting gaming modifications like an aluminum Nintendo Switch dock as well as a more user-friendly one, and a similarly metallic Xbox Series X. Modified has crafted a $10,000 custom Xbox Series X in the short time that the YouTube channel has been creating content, and it may have made the most valuable copy of Pokemon Silver thus far. In a recent video, Modified showed off the process of turning a bar of silver into a copy of Pokemon Silver that actually includes the game’s software for any machine that might be able to play it.


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Modified introduced their Pokemon Silver video by highlighting a $750 1 kilogram bar of .999 fine silver before explaining the process of measuring and modeling the Game Boy Color cartridge so that it would fit in the handheld device. Utilizing a mix of 3D printing and metalwork techniques, Modified first created a cheaper aluminum copy of the original Pokemon Silver before moving on to the intended material just to know that the process would work. The YouTube content creator cuts out the front and back of the silver Game Boy Color cartridge on one side before proceeding to the more intricate internal details that allow both pieces to connect in order to enclose the software inside.

Where the Pokemon Silver cartridge would normally say Nintendo Game Boy, the customized silver version has Modified engraved into the top part, while the Legendary Pokemon Lugia fittingly adorns the majority of this copy of the game. The silver used in the Pokemon Silver cartridge created by Modified weighs 5.8 ounces upon completion, while the aluminum counterpart weighed significantly less at about 1.5 ounces. According to Modified, the weight difference is noticeable when both Pokemon cartridges are held, and the video concludes with the Pokemon Silver fan inserting their custom cartridge into a Game Boy Color to highlight the fact that it plays as any copy of the game would.

Since Modified posted their YouTube video, many Pokemon fans have expressed enthusiasm for the custom cartridge on Reddit, suggesting that the team take cues from others to create Pokemon Crystal, Diamond, Gold, or Platinum next. While some Pokemon fans may love to include this Pokemon Silver in their collections for how rare and unique it is, Modified stated that it will remain part of their personal Game Boy display and suggested that other metal shops wouldn’t do such work on pure silver.

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