Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All Yellow Stake Locations to Open Icerend Shrine and Catch Chien-Pao


In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Ominous Black Stakes are scattered throughout the Paldean region. There are 32 of them in total, with four different colored versions. Collecting all of the designated stakes of a specific color will allow players to find and catch the Legendary Pokemon associated with it.

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One of the colored Stakes is an ominous Yellow Stake, of which players will find eight hidden throughout the game. This guide will help Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players find all eight Yellow Stakes so that they can unlock the Icerend Shrine and catch the Legendary Pokemon, Chien-Pao.


The Yellow Stakes can be collected at any point in the game. However, players should first defeat the final boss and start collecting them in the post-game as some of these Stakes cannot be found unless Koraidon/Miraidon is fully upgraded. Also, the Legendary Pokemon is a level 60 Dark/Ice-type Pokemon which will demolish the player’s team if their Pokemon aren’t at a high enough level.

Yellow Stake 1

The first Yellow Stake can be found at the top of a mountain near the Leaked Tower of Paldea, which is near Alfornada Town. It will be overlooking a long trail.

Yellow Stake 2

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Yellow Stake 2 second location

The second Yellow Stake can be found in Area One of the West Province on a cliff side.

Yellow Stake 3

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Yellow Stake 3 location

The third Yellow Stake can be found at the bottom of a plateau along Area Three in the West Province section.

Yellow Stake 4

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Yellow Stake 4 location

The fourth Yellow Stake can be found on top of a mountain in between Area One of the West Province and the Asado Desert.

Yellow Stake 5

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Yellow Stake 5 location

The fifth Yellow Stake can be found in between two hills near the Pokemon League.

Yellow Stake 6

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Yellow Stake sixth location

The sixth Yellow Stake can be found right behind the Cascarrafa Gym, behind a big tree.

Yellow Stake 7

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Yellow Stake 7th location

The seventh Yellow Stake can be found next to a waterfall in between areas four and six of South Province.

Yellow Stake 8

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Yellow Stake 8th location

The final Yellow Stake can be found in a cave in South Province (Area Six), not too far from Alfornada.

Where Is The Icerend Shrine?

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Icerend Shrine Location on map

After collecting all eight Yellow Stakes, players will be given a message that they hear a loud roar off in the distance, where the Shrine to the Legendary Pokemon will finally become available to inspect. The Icerend Shrine is located along the West Paldean Sea. It’s next to Porto Marinada on a descending mountain overlooking the sea.

Chien-Pao Battle

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Icerend Shrine location revealed

Players should make sure to save their game before anything, as the moment they interact with the Shrine, the Legendary Pokemon, Chien-Pao, will emerge from it and engage them in battle. Chien-Pao is a level 60 Dark/Ice-type Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon have a very low catch rate, so players should make sure to stock up on Ultra Balls ahead of time.

Chien-Pao’s Moves in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet-Chien Pao Legendary Pokemon battle

  • Ruination (A Dark-type move that always cuts an opposing Pokemon’s HP in half)
  • Sacred Sword (A Fighting-Type move with 90 attack power)
  • Icicle Crash (An Ice-type move with 85 attack power
  • Sucker Punch (A Dark-type move that always attacks first if the opposing Pokemon is attacking that turn)

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available for the Nintendo Switch.


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