Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All Teachers, Ranked By Usefulness


Unlike other titles in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet takes part prominently around an academy that players can revisit throughout their adventure to take part in classes that mainly help new players of the franchise.

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Besides, taking part in exams to learn of the new and old features of the game which is succeeded will gift the player with experience candy, players can also get to know their teachers outside of lesson. Every single teacher that a player is allowed to interact with has their own mini quest line which a player may take part in with decent rewards at the end. Some of these lessons and rewards are more useful than others and therefore players should focus on certain lessons more than others.

Clavell, The Director Of The Academy

Although not particularly a teacher, Clavell still works at the school as the main person the teachers go to when they have concerns. He is the person that aims to make sure that Naranja or Uva academy; depending on what version a player bought, stays up and running.

While no lesson will be learned by the player, they will be helping Clavell with his learning with one of his funniest bits of dialogue being him asking the player what Cheugy means. Apart from this, Clavell is befriended through defeating the Team Star bases until he finally gifts the player a Big Nugget which can be sold for a profit.

Home Economics With Saguaro

Saguaro talking to the class in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

While Saguaro may introduce the player to the new features including in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by making sandwiches at picnics, the item which is rewarded doesn’t equal the effort put in at all. After completing all his lessons players will be tasked with fetching him a Sweet Herba Mystica.

However, these can only be earned through level five raids which are unlocked near the end game. Not only this, but they are also incredibly rare and therefore unlike to be earned quickly. Once handing him this herb he will give the player a Slowpoke cup, which may cute, but isn’t very helpful.

Learning Languages With Salvatore

Salvatore standing in front of a screen in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Arguably the Language class in Scarlet and Violet is by far one of the most unnecessary classes that players can attempt to complete, though the easy to obtain extra experience candy is useful when trying to level up Pokemon fast.

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Besides, learning languages and attempting to understand a player’s Pokemon better, the saving grace of this class comes from the reward that can be earned by helping Salvatore look after a Pawmi that has taken a liking to him. He then rewards the player with a Galarian Meowth which has been seen as beneficial to raids.

Art With Hassel

Hassel looking cross while holding a pokeball in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Players aren’t actually doing any art in Hassel’s class unfortunately, but this doesn’t stop it from being interesting. Instead of drawing, players will be learning about Scarlet and Violet’s main feature of the Terastal phenomenon which allows a Pokemon to be powered up through Tera shards and therefore increase that type’s move.

Players learn about this and more through Hassel’s class while also being able to earn themselves fifty Dragon Tera Shards which can then be used to change the Tera type of their Pokemon to this type.

Math Made Easy With Tyme

Tyme telling the class that the exam is about to begin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Many players may avoid math due to their disliking of it in real school, however, math in Pokemon is incredibly useful when looking into the effectiveness of moves and combining that with other probabilities inside the game.

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Beginner players may struggle to understand the math behind battles and Tyme therefore makes it easier to understand while also throwing in the odd trick question. Her reward for helping her find out who has been following her however, isn’t as desired as its only fifty rock Tera shards.

Going Back In History With Raifort

A close up of Raifort in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

With now nine generations to the franchise, each region explored by players has had its own history and therefore lore to its origins as well as occurrences inside the game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is no different.

In history with Raifort, players learn about the first expeditions into the great crater that sits in the middle of the island as well as the discovery of the Terastal phenomenon. In order to get closer to this woman that yearns for the past she will task the players with finding the four legendary Pokemon of Paldea which are arguably better than the TM for Nasty Plot she gives.

Miriam, The Academy Nurse

Miriam welcoming the player in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Similar to Clavell, Miriam isn’t a teacher in the academy yet, though through the inspiring nature of the player, they push her to try once more in passing her teacher certification exam. This is a bond that gradually forms while the player is defeating gyms until she finally passes.

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As a nurse, her gift she eventually gives the player is ten max revives. These are great for those difficult battles where a Pokemon has fainted and needs to be brought back into battle quickly with a decent amount of health.

Learning How To Battle With Dendra

Dendra introducing herself to her class in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

While Tyme teaches the player about probability of moves hitting, Dendra’s job is to focus on the more obvious sides of battle. This includes what types work good against others and the nuances of increasing a Pokemon’s special attack or defense.

This can be incredibly helpful to a new player which mat have never picked up a Pokemon title before. Outside these players will help Dendra improve her sandwich making skills which will reward the player with Protein that can improve a Pokemon’s attack stat.

Biology With Jacq

Jacq standing behind a desk in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

By far one of the best teachers available for players to interact with as well as take part in his lessons is the player’s homeroom and biology teacher Jacq. In his lessons players learn mostly about breeding Pokemon in eggs and other biological elements of the pocket monsters.

Besides this, Jacq was the one to create the Pokedex found on the player’s Rotom phone which he will ask the player to fill. At thirty entries this will give the player the TM False Swipe which can make catching Pokemon easier. However, by completing the Pokdex and getting all four-hundred entries Jacq will give the player a Shiny Charm which will up their chances of finding shiny Pokemon in the wild.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available now on the Nintendo Switch

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