Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Physics-Based Sandwich Making has Way More Meme Potential than Curry


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will take players to Paldea where they will have the opportunity to prove their skills as Trainers. Not all moments will be filled with intense battles, and when players want a break, they will be able to set up picnics and make sandwiches for their team. It may be tempting to stack the sandwiches with all the ingredients, but players have to be careful, as sandwiches that aren’t balanced will topple over.

Sandwich-making will give gamers a nice break from the action, and well-made sandwiches will also give Pokemon great perks. The physics-based mechanics of the sandwich-making will also open the door for many memes as players try to stack the tallest sandwiches. Gamers who liked the curries of Sword and Shield will likely love the sandwiches of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


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The Picnics and Sandwiches of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, gamers can expect plenty of new features. Most players have their eyes on Terastallization, which will allow Pokemon to take on a new crystal form. This will also cause them to occasionally change their Type, which paves the way for new battle strategies. There is also TM crafting and Auto Battles, which should make things a little easier for newcomers. For gamers who want to chill out between intense showdowns, they may be interested in picnics.

When out in Paldea’s wilderness, players can set up a picnic. This allows Trainers to relax with their Pokemon by interacting with their team members one-on-one and letting them play. It’s a good idea to spend time with the critters and to give them toys to play with, as it raises a Trainer’s bond with their team. Pokemon gather dust and dirt during exploration and battles, and picnics also provide an opportunity for players to groom them, which they greatly appreciate.

No picnic is complete without the food. Players can set up a picnic table, and the tablecloths, cups, water bottles, and other items are all customizable. Sometimes, players may find a Pokemon Egg in their picnic basket. They should take care of this Egg, as it could hatch into a new Pokemon. Gamers can also spend plenty of time crafting the perfect sandwiches for their monsters. The process involves selecting the correct filling and condiments from a wide selection of ingredients.

The sandwich is held together with a pick, which also improves the meal’s presentation. Players have to be careful when stacking ingredients, as doing it wrong could cause the sandwich to collapse. Players will want to stuff their sandwiches with as many useful ingredients as possible because they restore HP and provide unique bonuses. Not only could the sandwiches become an important part of Pokemon battle strategies, but they also pack plenty of meme potential.

The Meme Potential of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Sandwiches

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, players can make curries using berries and other ingredients. Curry grants various benefits to Pokemon, and they have different taste ratings. The system is fun, and with 151 curry dishes available, they managed to inspire a couple of funny memes. However, the sandwiches of Scarlet and Violet have the potential to take things further. In addition to being more fun to make, the physics-based ingredient-stacking gameplay will likely lead to some hilarious gameplay moments. In an attempt to craft the tallest sandwich, fans will likely see the strangest creations held together by a tiny pick. The successful attempts will be glorious to witness, and the failures will be just as fun to watch.

Scarlet and Violet are just around the corner, and already gamers have seen that they make several improvements over their predecessors. The new Pokemon revealed seem interesting, and critters like Fidough and Klawf are worthwhile additions to the roster. The inclusion of physics-based sandwich-making lets gamers know that the games will still have the same sense of humor that gives that series its charm.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are scheduled to release on November 18, 2022, on Nintendo Switch.

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