Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Designs Koraidon in Gold, Silver, and Crystal Style


A fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet draws legendary pocket monster Koraidon in the pixel art style of the Generation 2 titles.

A fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet shows what Koraidon would look like in the style of older games in the franchise. A popular form of artwork involves showing what more recent pocket monsters would look like if they were done in the style of older titles in the series. These pixel forms of various Pokemon help show what the creatures would look like outside of the 3D models that we are used to seeing them in.

Koraidon is the box legendary of Pokemon Scarlet. The pocket monster will serve as a mode of transportation for players as they explore Paldea, and will be able to take on different forms depending on the terrain it is traveling on. Along with Pokemon Violet’s main legendary Miraidon, it is unknown what Typing Koraidon will have.


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A Redditor named The_Internet_Goblin created a piece of artwork that shows what Koraidon from Pokemon Scarlet would look like if it was in Generation 2 of Game Freak’s series. Even in pixel form many of the pocket monster’s distinct features are kept intact. This includes the tires in its chest and abdomen, as well as the braid and feathers seen on its head and back. The_Internet_Goblin’s work is impressive and is a nostalgia trip for anyone who played Pokemon Gold and Silver years ago.

The_Internet_Goblin’s artwork has gained a few fans. A commenter brought up the idea of a Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver style game with the Generation 9 pocket monsters, as they got bored with recent Pokemon titles that they never bothered to finish. It was also mentioned by a gamer that the Generation 2 art is the only pixel artwork that they would prefer over 3D models, as they feel it is pretty. The art is an interesting way of looking at a pocket monster from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and pays homage to an era of the series that many remember fondly.

The_Internet_Goblin is one of many artists coming up with pixel artwork for various pocket monsters. A Redditor known as arkhai2 created a piece of the Pokemon Rayquaza. In the work, a trainer and its Mudkip can be seen on the precipice of the Sky Pillar. In front of them is Rayquaza coming out of the clouds with an intimidating feeling as it stares down the trainer. An option box is present on the art, with the two choices being “Fight,” and “Run.” Both The_Internet_Goblin and arkhai2 did a good job of utilizing the pixel art style and touching on the sentimental factor of those who grew up with Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release for the Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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