Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Creates Montage of The Funniest Glitches


One Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player creates their own montage featuring some of the most hilarious glitches seen in the games so far.

A player of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games has put together some of their favorite hilarious glitches seen in the game by fans so far since the Generation 9 titles released in November. There’s been no shortage of funny moments shared over social media sites, many of which have resulted from the widespread bugs seen in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with others just being the product of a well-timed action.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been infamous for the sheer number of glitches that have impacted players, not to mention the performance issues and poor graphical fidelity that has also disappointed many fans. Many of the games bugs have made for some outright hilarious scenes, and fans have been posting clips since the games launched featuring disappearing NPCs, invisible ride Pokemon and mutating player models. Not all the game’s bugs have been so entertaining however, as many other problems have been known to cause players to clip out of bounds, fall through the map, and occasionally experience game crashes.


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The edited video was shared on Reddit by the fan TFritzelagram, which compiled a bunch of different funny moments in the games that arose due to glitches. Among this montage, fans can see clips of NPC characters slowly descending from the heavens, players seemingly getting squashed by their own Pokemon, Pokemon allies exiting their Poke Balls and immediately falling off cliffs, and even a gigantic Delibird that looks like it’s out of Attack on Titan. These moments have been made even more funny thanks to the splash of editing that was added by the video’s creator, which brought comical sound effects and music to some of the clips. As brilliant as this collection of clips is, it only scratches the surface of the sheer amount of ridiculous moments that fans have encountered so far, making it fully possible for fans to create more similar montages.

Though the latest Pokemon games are widely deemed to be the most poorly-polished entries in the series’ lengthy history, it could be considered lucky that the majority of bugs appear to be more ridiculous than disruptive. While there are players who have found themselves soft-locked after accidentally clipping into areas that they’re not supposed to be in, relatively few of the game’s issues appear to actually affect the gameplay in any significant way.

That’s no excuse for the game’s drawbacks though, and most fans appear to agree. Following the storm of refund demands after the initial release of Scarlet and Violet, the games went on to receive massive criticism from reviewers and ended up becoming the lowest-ranked main Pokemon titles ever. Fans continue to be annoyed at the lack of official response from Game Freak, and many are losing hope that the developers will ever fix the games’ most glaring issues.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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