Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Request 34 Guide (Croagunk's Curative Poison)


Throughout Pokémon Legends: Arceus, there are dozens of requests to fulfill while players focus on filling up their Pokédex and saving Hisui’s enraged nobles. One of these requests is Request 34, or ‘Croagunk’s Curative Poison’, which requires the player to complete a few other tasks before they turn their attention to this request. In fact, Request 34 will require the player to have quelled the frenzied noble Hisuian Lilligant beforehand. The player should also have registered Croagunk in their Pokédex (a much slighter task compared to subduing Nobles, thankfully).


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After fulfilling the prerequisite tasks, Croagunk’s Curative Poison can be picked up as a request from Professor Laventon’s blackboard in his lab. After reading his blackboard, the player should then go seek out Pesselle, captain of the Medical Corps, who is located on the same floor as Professor Laventon’s lab. Once the player speaks to her, she’ll tell them that she needs a Croagunk so that she can make medicine from its poison. To fulfill this quest, the player should then visit the Crimson Mirelands and catch a Croagunk.

Where To Catch A Croagunk In Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Players will be happy to know that there are no real requirements for the type of Croagunk that they have to catch, unlike certain other quests. Any old Croagunk will do, including Croagunks that the player may have already caught before accepting Request 34. However, if players have not already caught a Croagunk earlier during their playthrough, it’s no big deal – Croagunk is very easy to find thanks to how common they are throughout the Crimson Mirelands.

Croagunk is most commonly found in the Scarlet Bog area of the Crimson Mirelands, and they’re fairly easy to catch, too. To make catching one easier, be sure to bring Honey Cakes, Bean Cakes, or Grain Cakes, as they’re Croagunk’s favorites. Be warned, though – they’re quite aggressive, and they will try to attack the player if the player allows themselves to be spotted. As well as this, the Scarlet Bog doesn’t particularly allow the player many hiding spots, so be prepared to run or battle!

After catching a Croagunk, head back to Galaxy Hall and speak to Pesselle again. Once the player has given her the Croagunk she requested, Request 34 will be marked as done. As a reward for completing her request, Pesselle will give the player three EXP Candies and three Full Heals. Completing Request 34 also allows the player to unlock Request 72: ‘Pesselle’s Easy Errand’.

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