Pokemon GO Suggestion Would Be Big Improvement to Item Bag

With the increased amount of items added to the game, a Pokemon GO fan is suggesting introducing a feature that will improve the game’s quality of life. The Pokemon GO fan made a suggestion for Niantic to change the way the item bag is used.

As much as it’s appreciated that Pokemon GO offers many ways to earn rewards, the multitude of items can leave the item bag feeling cluttered. There is no hierarchy system for oft-used useful items like balls, revives, potions, etc, and a player can end up scrolling through and missing the item they were looking for. The placement of items like the postcard book, for example, also poses issues as it interrupts the flow of looking for a specific item.


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Redditor basunky drew their suggestion of what submenus could be included in the item bag and what that could look like in the game and shared their idea with the Pokemon GO subreddit. All items, which would look just like how the bag looks right now, then breaking up into Balls, HP items, Boost items, and Miscellaneous items. Assuming that they chose just these four categories due to space, the idea comes across enough to start a dialogue about what they would like in the game.

Using that suggestion, items can be separated into categories like Health items, Raid Passes, Evolution items, Buddy items, and even more can be placed into more accessible tabs for quicker access. In truth, some items like stickers, Quick and Charged TMs, and lure modules are used less often, depending on the trainer, and can get in the way of finding other items in a hurry.

In the Pokemon and Pokedex sections of the game, there is already a sorting system that separates Pokemon by types, Legendary, the ability for the Pokemon to evolve or Mega-Evolve, and a host of other functions that improve the task of searching through thousands of Pokemon. Not saying that implementing this function in a new area would be easy for Niantic developers, but the spirit of the idea already exists in the game and could provide a blueprint for creating something similar for the Item bag.

The idea seems somewhat agreeable in the comment section of the post, with other Pokemon GO players airing the frustrations they also have with the Item bag. Some Redditors add their own tweaks to the idea like having the option to rearrange items like in the handheld Pokemon games. One would say that this feature suggestion isn’t even saying that there are too many items in Pokemon GO. They only wish to make looking for items easier and that’s something many players would be on board with.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

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