Pokémon GO introduces a brand new map in its latest update after three years


Pokémon GO is played and enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. The AR game developed by Niantic allows players to explore the world and catch Pokemon. The game was first launched in 2016 and became a global phenomenon as the years passed by. The developers have tweeted from the game’s official account saying that the game’s global map will be getting an update in the upcoming weeks. The global map was last updated in 2019. The upcoming update is expected to change a lot of things in order to better reflect the real world.

Pokémon GO map update to feature exciting changes with increased Pokemon spawn rate

The developers have shared a detailed statement about the upcoming updates on the game’s official blog. They started by mentioning that the map update for Pokemon GO has been long overdue. They have clarified that both the game and the world around us have changed so it is high time that they bring in some significant changes.

The changes to the in-game map will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks. The developers have said, “The map will more accurately reflect the environment, and different Pokémon will appear in a greater variety of places.” After this update, Players will see some local changes like the removal of old roads or the inclusion of some newly constructed buildings. 

Image via Niantic

Niantic has also promised that they will be increasing the spawn rate which will mean more Pokemon appearing in more places. However, this also increases the chances of the same Pokemon appearing in densely populated areas but they are likely to be evenly spread out. Pokémon will also be appearing in different locations which means that there will be more Pokémon for Trainers in rural or rapidly expanding areas.

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