Pokemon Fan Makes Shiny Cubone Yarn Figure


A talented Pokemon fan gives a shiny Cubone a soft makeover in the form of an adorable yarn doll and shares it on social media.

Shiny Pokemon are some of the rarest in the Pokemon games and one talented fan has celebrated the shiny version of Cubone by making an adorable yarn figure of the Pokemon. The games are known for some Pokemon having interesting designs for their shiny. One fan has found the inspiration to bring this shiny Cubone to life, in yarn form.

Shiny Pokemon are rare variants of Pokemon with different colorings than their normal counterparts. The shiny version of Cubone sports a greenish color on its body rather than the normal light brown. Cubone is one of the most beloved of the original 150 Pokemon from the first generation of Pokemon games. Fans have also had interesting theories about Cubone with one going viral recently.


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Reddit user jillianjiggs92 posted an image to the site of their creation. They created a shiny Cubone figure out of yarn that captures the image and character of the Pokemon very well. The image shows the figure from the side but it highlights the softness of the yarn as well as the little felt pieces used to make the belly and the eyes of the Pokemon. The interpretation is pretty similar to the creation of another dedicated fan that made the Pokemon Appletun out of a similar yarn.

The detail put into this shiny Cubone figure has not been unnoticed by other Reddit users on r/gaming. The figure was praised in the comments it received from those that enjoy the yarn work of this craft. The creator of this adorable figure is no stranger to making crocheted creations of Pokemon after posting their other Pokemon creations to the r/gaming subreddit recently.

Crochet is a craft that many Pokemon fans have a talent for, and it takes a lot of work and skill. This is just one of many creations from the artist and other talented Pokemon fans, some even making animations of crocheted Pokemon. With Pokemon plushes being popular among fans, it can come as no surprise that crocheted dolls such as this one have gained some popularity as well.

The limits of artistry in the Pokemon fandom are limitless with the vast amount of art being made and this work from jillianjiggs92 is one of many. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet provides fans with even more Pokemon to make crocheted versions of like Lechonk, and there will only be more to come with new generations of Pokemon.

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