Pokemon Fan Makes Adorable Eevee Art Using Energy Cards


A Pokemon fan creates amazing artwork of the Normal-Type pocket monster Eevee using various Energy cards from the Pokemon TCG.

A Pokemon player created a piece of art based on Eevee using Energy cards from the Pokemon TCG. One of the more unique types of artwork focused on Game Freak’s RPG series involves using TCG cards to make an image. This type of Pokemon art leads to unique looking pieces that have a distinct look and feel that is hard to replicate using other artistic methods.

Eevee is a Normal-Type Pokemon that is a part of the original 151 pocket monsters that were introduced in the franchise’s first Generation. The creature is known for having a large number of evolutions, many of which have unique ways to obtain them. The Pokemon also has a Gigantamax form, though Eevees that can use the transformation cannot evolve.


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A Redditor named monty_vincent shared a work of art that they made using various Energy cards from the Pokemon TCG. The resulting image shows an Eevee that is surrounded by the symbols that represent the various types found in the card game. The piece has a stained-glass aesthetic and feels unique when compared to other bits of art that are based on the Pokemon series. It is a great example of an artist taking something common and turning it into a creative idea that definitely stands out.

Monty_vincent’s work has gained a few fans. Many have complimented the piece, while one commenter said that it is very creative and precise. A few Redditors suggested that they would like to purchase one, to which the artist pointed to their Instagram account. One user asked if monty_vincent could make a piece featuring The Legend of Zelda using the style that was utilized on the Eevee artwork. Monty_vincent stated that while they usually make Pokemon art, they would be up to make a work based off of the legendary RPG series. The Eevee artwork is amazing and is a great celebration of a franchise that many love.

The Eevee artwork is not the only piece that monty_vincent has done using the TCG’s Energy cards. The artist also did a work featuring the Pokemon Bulbasaur and Squirtle. The image shows the two starters hugging, both of whom are surrounded by a number of Steel-Type symbols. The artwork is adorable and does a good job at capturing such a sweet moment. Monty_vincent is doing a good job of creating art that is unexpected and stands out from many of the pieces that are based on the Pokemon franchise.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release for the Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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