Pokemon Fan Has Been Adding One Eevee to a Drawing Every Day for 106 Days


A Pokemon fan shares the impressive Eevee and friends fan artwork that they have been working on and adding on to for 106 days.

An avid Pokemon fan has recently shared a fan art they have been working on featuring Eevee, one of the most well-known Normal-type Pokemon in the world. Eevee is often present in current Pokemon video games and official merchandise, which is likely why many in the Pokemon community have a distinct love for the pocket creature. Enough to make fan pieces solely dedicated to the Pokemon itself.

Fans of the franchise have many ways to highlight their favorite Pokemon in their lives. Some enjoy adding official Pokemon products and merchandise to their real-world collection, while others enjoy building their in-game roster around their favorite pocket creature. For this specific Pokemon fan artist, creating pieces that they add on to on a daily basis seems to be their preferred way of celebrating their favorite Pokemon. Aside from the Eevee fan art they recently posted, they have also created Pikachu art, a Vulpix one, and several others.


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To show off their love for the Normal-type Pokemon Eevee, Redditor PaulDrawsArt posted a short video that showcased the process in creating their artwork. The footage presented how the artist drew in one Eevee at a time, until the whole piece was colored and completed. According to the caption, PaulDrawsArt has been working on the art every day for 106 days, which indicates that there are the same number of Eevees, its different evolutions, and other Pokemon in this single piece.

Fellow Pokemon fans who likely share in the artist’s adoration of Eevee gave their compliments to PaulDrawsArt, especially since it took that long to complete the piece. Others helped spot the other Pokemon that were added into the artwork aside from the different evolutions of Eevee. Commenters were able to identify Bidoof, Buneary, Ditto, Furret, Lilipup, Mimikyu, Teddiursa, and Yungoos. With these Pokemon having the same overall color scheme as Eevee, the artist likely added them in to provide a fun search to those viewing the piece.

PaulDrawsArt shared that they do sell prints of their art pieces, and provided a link to their online store for the Pokemon community to check out. Given how detailed they have made their Eevee artwork, community members should expect the same quality if they do decide to purchase other pieces made by the artist. Hopefully fellow fans will support the artist so that they can make more amazing Pokemon pieces like the Eevee one they shared on the online forum.

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