Pokemon Fan Dresses Up Their Dog as Houndoom for Halloween


Houndoom close up Pokemon

Just because Halloween is over, it doesn’t mean Pokemon fans can’t still share their passion with a great costume design, as one pet owner has done by crafting a fantastic Houndoom outfit for their dog. Though the pup lacks the Pokemon‘s fiery abilities, it more than makes up for it with an adorable presentation that would likely give pause to any challenging trainer.

The devilish Generation 2 Pokemon is a Dark/Fire-type that excels in special attack and speed, and uses a host of insidious-sounding moves, like Nasty Plot. Despite its hellish demeanor and an eerie Pokedex entry, the Pokemon and its previous evolutionary stage, Houndour, have become fan favorites over the years, and Houndoom is even one of the few Pokemon with a Mega evolution. When contemplating why they achieved such high status among fans, their obvious likeness to dogs can’t be discounted.


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A Reddit user has hammered the similarities home by outfitting their own loyal hound in an amazing DIY Houndoom outfit. User AdAgreeable9126 posted a video recently of their dog sporting the Pokemon’s most distinctive features including a pointed tale; bony, rib-like formations on its back; and white curving horns. They even managed to get the pet to wear cuff and necklace accessories that resemble Houndoom’s features. A couple of animated Pokemon GIFs surrounding the dog complete the presentation nicely.

When asked what type of dog it is, the user responded that she’s a cross between Doberman and German Shepherd. Many commenters were quick to point out that the combination of breeds produced an almost perfect template from which to create a Houndoom. From the build to the coloring, the resemblance to the Pokemon is uncanny. Though there’s a multitude of inventive Pokemon Halloween costumes out there, this dog’s outfit is surely among the most natural of fits.

From appearances in a number of Pokemon games, the long-running Pokemon anime, the manga, and more, Houndoom has certainly lefts its mark on the fan community. Though never quite reaching the heights of Pokemon like Pikachu or Lucario, Houndoom has managed to capture the hearts of many fans and inspired a wide variety of art. After all, people love dogs in video games, and the Pokemon’s staying power may largely be connected to the fact that it strongly resembles man’s best friend, though it’s demonic allure grants it some extra points too.

With Houndoom confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there may be more fan creations on the way, inspired by the new iteration. And with the game set to release on November 18, the wait may not be long.

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