Can You Play Among Us On A Chromebook?

The simple style and cross-platform approach of Among Us helped it get a lot of attention. It is open on all of the major platforms. Even though Chrome OS doesn’t have a built-in version of Among Us, there are still a few ways to use it. 

How to use a Chromebook to play Among Us

Among Us began as a mobile game, but it is now available on PC. But you can’t always play games on a Chromebook. First, you have to be able to download the game and install it; you have to be an administrator. You can get the Android app for your laptop by going to the Google Play store.

But it only works for some Chromebooks, depending on what kind of Chromebook you have. You can find a list of Chrome OS systems that can run Android apps at The Chromium Projects. If your Chromebook is on the list of Android apps, you can play by following the steps below:

  • Go to your Chromebook’s settings and go to the Google Play Store.
  • If you haven’t already, sign in.
  • Choose the icon of the game
  • Set up the game.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play Among Us this way if your Chromebook can’t run Android apps.

Chromebook: How to play Among Us

You can get Among Us for free from the Google Play store. Make sure to do the following to get a free copy of the game:

Have an OS for your Chromebook that works with Android apps

You can get the app from official Google channels.

On other gaming platforms, you can download Among Us, but for most Chromebook users, the only option is Google’s, and it’s always free.

How to play Among Us without downloading it on a Chromebook

But remember that there are some problems if you download an APK for the game. The most important is that Google will no longer support 

Chromebook because you have to change two settings to make it work:

  • Enable developer mode
  • Turn off the safe mode

When you turn on developer mode, your Chromebook will also delete everything. Should you play the game? Most likely not. But you decide.

How to unlock Among Us on a Chromebook so you can play it

Online, people are talking a lot about Playing Among Us Unblocked. If you don’t already know, a version of the game that is “unlocked” supposedly lets people play it for free on their PC. Don’t be fooled, though. Publishers who aren’t honest can sell an unlocked version of Among Us to spread malware. If you’re unsure if the website is real, the best way to play Among Us on a Chromebook is through the Google app.

How to use WASD to play Among Us on a Chromebook

If you’re still looking for a way to move around the game more easily, you can always change your settings:

  1. Click the icon for settings in the main menu.
  2. Choose “Touch” from the list of Controls.
  3. Go back to the menu.

When you play on a PC, touch controls work a little differently. You don’t touch the screen as you do on your phone to move around. Instead, you click the mouse. Each click is like tapping the screen; when you do that, your character walks to that spot. It’s not exactly a WASD move, but it’s better than dragging a joystick to make your character walk.

How to Acquire Among Us for free on Chromebook

When you play on a Chromebook from school, you might run into a few problems:

  • Google Play Store can’t be accessed.
  • You do not have administrator rights.

Both problems can make it impossible for you to play Among Us. Follow these steps to find out if your device has restrictions that would make it hard to download your game:

Go to settings and then choose accounts.

Most schools give out Chromebooks that are linked to Google School Accounts. Some rules about these accounts might make it impossible to install the game. But if you see a (+) next to Accounts, that’s a good sign. You can sign in with your own Google account and get it from the Google Play Store.

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How to use a Dell Chromebook to play Among Us

You can perform Among Us on a Dell Chromebook as long as it has an operating system that can run Android apps. These Chromebook models, for example, can play Android games from the Google Play Store:

  • Chromebook 13 (3380) 
  • Chromebook 3400 
  • Inspiron Chromebook 14 2-in-1 (7486)

The last thing to say is how to play among us on a Chromebook.

How to Perform Among Us on a Chromebook should be easy to understand. If you answered “no,” you can ask anything about this article in the “contact forum” section. And if you said yes, please tell your friends and family about this article to show your support.

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