Pixel Shrine JINJA is a sandbox simulation game by KaguraTech now available globally on Android and iOS


A sandbox simulation game called Pixel Shrine JINJA is based on a traditional Japanese shrine. In a realm of pixel graphics, players can build stunning shrines. And now Developer KaguraTech has released Pixel Shrine JINJA globally and is available on iOS and Android devices. Pixel Shrine JINJA is a unique and profound game about creation, ingenuity, and development.

Pixel Shrine JINJA features a wide variety of characters that can be explored by the players

Players plan the shrine’s layout, collect resources from passing pilgrims, and fortify the structure in anticipation of approaching enemies. Then, after conquering their adversaries, they amass new items and expand their shrines. The shrine is accessible to other players, and friend registration between players is also offered. Here are the key features of this game:

  • Resources can be accumulated even when the game is closed.
  • You can place terrain blocks and water sources anywhere you like.
  • Shrines can be opened to other players.
  • You can give souvenirs to players who visit your shrine.
  • Various buildings such as shrines, torii gates, and kaguraden (Shinto music and dance halls) will appear in the game.
  • You can take a walk with a dog with the walk function.
  • Combat progresses automatically.
  • The skills of the residents, the characteristics of the buildings, and the gimmick elements provide a deep gameplay experience.
Image via Kaguratech

A water flow feature is among the additional features. Anywhere on the map can be used by players to place a water source and allow water to flow there. The player can design waterfalls of various heights or bridges over streams based on their ideas. There are many different characters in the game. To effectively defend the shrine from enemies, combine the characters’ specific powers as they mature.

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