Phil Spencer Reacts Hilariously to Microsoft Flight Simulator Demo; Here are the New Features Introduced with the 40th Anniversary Edition


Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most exciting titles on Xbox and PC. At the moment the game is celebrating its 40th Anniversary by releasing the most advanced version of the title, which comes with exciting features that players can try out.

On the topic of Microsoft Flight Simulator, VideoGamesChronicle recently shared some hilarious details of the game, when it was first demoed. In the report, Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator opened up about one of the instances that took place with Microsoft Gaming CEO, Phil Spencer.

He started off by telling the interviewer about how things went down when he first pitched the title to Spencer. In the very first demo, Neumann presented a 3D demo of flying over Seattle. He also flew over the Microsoft Campus, the very building the two of them were sitting in while the demo was taking place.

Spencer asked Neumann, why was he showing a video of Seattle, and that was the point where Neumann knew that he had him. Neumann stated that the demo was actually taking place in real time, to which the Xbox chief hilariously replied, “No f***ing way”. That’s the moment the team realised that they had something.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Update

In other news, lets get into what’s new in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition. Firstly, a true-to-life airliner, the Airbus A310-300, rendered with stunning accuracy is included in the update. For the first time since 2006, the game will also feature helicopters and gliders that perform with amazing life-like realism. The update sees the addition of 2 new helicopters and 14 heliports alongside 2 new gliders and 15 glider airports.

On top of that, the game has introduced 4 classic commercial airports and 24 classic missions from the franchise’s past. Moreover, players will also see the addition of 7 famous historical aircrafts, check them out below:

  • 1903 Wright Flyer
  • 1915 Curtiss JN-4 Jenny
  • 1927 Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis
  • 1935 Douglas DC-3
  • 1937 Grumman G-21 Goose
  • 1947 Havilland DHC-2 Beaver
  • 1947 Hughes H-4 Hercules


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