OWL: Boston Uprising Set Most Promising Roster Yet


A historically mid-tier team host an all-star level roster for 2023.

Some of the Overwatch League’s best Korean players take up residence in Boston.


Two star DPS players in Nam-joo “Striker” Kwon and Ji-hyeok “birdring” Kim highlight the DPS line with a very promising player in Gui-un “Decay” Jang to fill in when needed. Striker makes his third entry to Boston Uprising, having started with them in 2018, making his return to the league with them in 2022, and then after finishing with the San Francisco Shock in 2022, he has now returned to Boston once again. While birdring has never been a member of the Boston roster before, they are quite happy to have him given his Overwatch League championship win and the fact that he has only ever been part of highlight skilled and successful teams. Decay fills an important role as a solely Hitscan DPS that can play the likes of Sojourn, Soldier 76, and Cassidy, bringing lots of experience with different rosters.

This DPS lineup practically came out of somebody’s fantasy Overwatch League team, with two heavy hitters and a very reliable backup. Plenty of roster depth and hero coverage, along with reliable talent. These are players that can win entire games on their own if enabled well enough.


Along with maybe the best Tank player of all time Myeonghwan “Smurf” Yoo, Boston also have Woo-yeol “Kalios” Shin to cover the Off-Tank roles in their Tank position. Kalios brings a similar kind of experience as Decay, having been a top tier player on mediocre teams. The only difference being that Kalios has been part of a Boston Uprising roster before, back in 2018.

Unlike Decay who can be expected to fill a secondary role on the DPS line, Kalios very well could be the leading Tank player on the team if Off-Tank heroes lead the meta in 2023. The Uprising have covered their bases on every front, for every single possible position.


The Uprising knew exactly what they were doing when they signed Jae-Gon “LeeJaeGon” Lee and Minchul “Izayaki” Kim. The former Support duo are Overwatch League champions that played together on the 2021 Shanghai Dragons. Its completely unnecessary to separate them, and their preexisting chemistry could serve as a huge benefit for the team. Even so, the Uprising stacked their roster further with their final Support pickup.

Another Overwatch League champion, Joo-seok “Twilight” Kim fills out the roster with experience on both the Flex Support role, and a bit of the Main Support role. He has experience switching teams in the league, so he certainly wouldn’t have any problem meshing with either member of the former Shanghai Dragons Support line.

2023 Boston Uprising

With six of their eight players being former Overwatch League champions, the Boston Uprising, for the very first time, may be the most exciting team to watch in the Overwatch League. The talent is absolutely stacked in their favor with some of Korea’s best, making them many peoples’ early pick for top team in the league in 2023.


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