Overwatch Weekly Challenge Guide – Season 1, Week 1


A look at Week 1 of the Overwatch 2 weekly challenges for Season 1.

Everyone who decides to play Overwatch 2 will see that the game has many differences compared to its predecessor. The new heroes, maps, and game modes are impressive, but they are not the only new thing. Blizzard also announced the arrival of a seasonal battle pass. 

Those familiar with games like Dota 2 will quickly get the hang of it. The idea of this Battle Pass is to reward you with different things. To claim your rewards, you have to play and collect enough experience. Alternatively, you can also buy EXP and unlock the things without playing.

The Battle Pass is free for everyone, but players can also purchase a premium version. The latter will offer them some advantages, such as bonus EXP and the chance to play Kiriko, one of the new heroes. People who don’t go for this option will have to play a lot before they get to level 50, allowing them to unlock her.

Speaking of getting to a certain level, this is only possible by earning EXP. One of the things that you can do is complete different challenges, which are divided into several categories:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Season
  • Competitive
  • Lifetime
  • Hero

Each one is important, but the purpose of today’s article is to focus on the weekly ones. So, let’s learn more about them and see what we will need to do to complete them.

General Information about the Weekly Challenges 

As their name suggests, the tasks you need to complete will change weekly. This means that you have seven days to make the most of them once you start playing. To check what’s available, you have to do the following:

  • Open Overwatch 2.
  • Select “Battle Pass”
  • Press “Challenges”.
  • Go to “Weekly”.

Completing the steps above will allow you to check all of the challenges you can go through. If you look to your right, you will also find how much time you have left to complete everything. You can also see how much experience you need to reach the next Overwatch 2 Battle Pass level.

Speaking of experience, every weekly challenge will grant you some experience. People with the premium version of the Battle Pass will get 5000 EXP per challenge. Since there are around 11 tasks, this means that they can earn a lot of experience and unlock tons of levels simply by completing those things on time.

If you are unsure which challenge to take, use the filter drop menu above them. This will allow you to sort them based on whether they are in progress, completed or not started yet.

Additional benefits

Aside from the experience that you will get once you complete the different Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Weekly Challenges, the game will give other rewards. For example, you will earn 30 coins for completing 4 weekly quests. Those who complete 8 weekly challenges will earn 20 coins, whereas players who cope with all of them will get 10 coins.

Overwatch 2 may provide players with even more benefits in the future. That’s why it is essential to keep an eye on everything new. 

Overwatch 2 Season 1 – Week 1 

Since Overwatch 2 became available a couple of days ago, we are unsure whether some of the tasks we will have to complete will be available in the future. Our theory is that Blizzard came up with various challenges, and they will rotate them after a certain period. Of course, we are yet to see whether this is the case.

With that said, it is time for an overview of all of the challenges for the given week. The tasks you are about to see will most likely appear in the future, so here is how to make the most of them.

Playing to Win

This challenge requires players to win 10 games. Blizzard doesn’t specify which modes you can play, but it says that most challenges can’t be completed in customer games or practice vs AI. In other words, it is probably a good idea to play Unranked or Competitive.

Flex Your Power

The second challenge is also to win 10 games, but you have to queue as All Roles this time. Some people prefer this option because they are okay with playing every role. However, others prefer DPS, Tank, or Support, so completing this challenge will be easier said than done.

To The Victors Go…

This task requires you to win 20 games in Unranked or Competitive Play. Although it will probably take time, you can play any role you like, which is a huge plus.

Coin Line

If you are not a fan of Unraked or Competitive play and prefer to play Arcade, this is the challenge for you. Copin Line will require you to win 7 Arcade games in any mode.

Role Mastery

As its name suggests, this task will require you 2 different roles and win 10 games in Quick Play or Competitive Play. It is up to you to decide whether you want to play Tank and DPS, DPS and Support, or Support and Tank.

The Best Defence

This intriguing challenge will require you to deal/boost 125,000 damage. Some of you may want to complete this challenge with Junkrat, but it is important to know that Total Mayhem is not included in this challenge.

Hold The Line

If you are a fan of tanks, you can try to complete the Hold The Line task. The latter will require you to mitigate a total of 40,000 damage. Once again, you can’t complete this thing with Total Mayhem.

The Real Heroes

Do you like supports and heroes that can heal? If so, this challenge is for you because you need to heal a total of 65,000 damage to complete it. Interestingly, you can also fulfill this task using DPS heroes with heals, such as Junker Queen and Soldier: 76.

Hero Mastery

If you are tired of playing the same heroes over and over again, there is a challenge that will stimulate you to try something new. Hero Mastery requires you to play 7 games with heroes that are not in your top 3 most played. The good thing about this task is that you can complete it in All Modes.

Play of the Game

If you like using ultimates and secure kills with them, try to complete the Play of the Game challenge. The latter requires you to secure 50 eliminations and assists with your ultimate.

Cleaning House

Lastly, if you manage to earn 20 Team Kills, you will complete the challenge Cleaning House. 

Each of the tasks will give you 5000 experience, which means you can unlock loads of perks in no time.


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