Overwatch Players Discover Game-Breaking That Turns Off Their PC; Console Players Claim Lack of Aim Assist Against PC Opponents


Overwatch 2 developers Blizzard have announced that they have been notified about a game-breaking bug in the hero shooter title that shuts down or restarts PCs of users during play.

The issue has been present in-game ever since the title launched on October 4. Several players have posted about their experience facing the issue in the game’s official forums.

At the moment, it seems like the developers have no major fix that would resolve the problem. However, players should expect to see a patch that would render the bug from ever causing the PCs of players to shut down or restart.

While some players continue face game-breaking bugs and server connectivity problems, the console community seems to be miffed by Blizzard’s approach towards aim assist and crossplay.

In a recent Reddit post, console users talked about the lack of aim assist while playing against players on PC through crossplay.

Console users have noted that the disabled aim assist puts them at a disadvantage against PC players. With the competitive modes of Overwatch 2 not featuring crossplay, it’s unclear why Blizzard has decided to put console users at a disadvantage on casual modes by stripping them off aim assist.

The post featured several comments and replies that agree with the Redditor’s sentiment, with many of them clamoring for the developers to bring back aim assist in crossplay-enabled game modes.

In the end, it remains to be seen if the developers have any plans to change the accessibility of this major feature for console users.


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