Which is Better: Overwatch or Paladins?

From the title, you can tell that we’re going to talk about how Paladins and Overwatch are alike. I have spent over 220 hours playing Overwatch and only about 100 minutes playing Paladins.

But I’ve done my research, and this isn’t meant to be an article where we say bad things about Paladins. Paladins is a good game. It’s not better, but it’s good and costs a lot less. Microtransactions are in both games, but don’t cry about it.

Overwatch VS Paladins

Let’s compare Overwatch with Paladins. Overwatch is the newest IP from Blizzard and the company’s first first-person shooter. Two teams of six players each choose a unique hero from a list of 24. They then go up against each other in terms of offence and defence on different maps with goals like “assault,” “payload,” and “hybrid,” and try to capture points that are chosen at random.

Characters usually fit into one of four roles: attack, defence, tank, or support. These roles are more like recommendation for some of the Paladins. Champions of the Realm is a first-person shooter made by HI-REZ studios and set in a colourful high fantasy world.

In a process similar to a draft, each of almost 30 champions is given to one of two teams of five players. Then, they face each other in one of three game modes: siege, payload, or onslaught. There are four roles for characters: frontline, damage, support, and flank.

Champions then get extra credits for levelling up their characters in the game by doing tasks that are unique to their roles. You can see the similarities, but I hope you can also see the differences that make these two games feel slightly different.


Characters from Overwatch and Paladins

The characters in Overwatch are meant to be well-known and easy to spot. They are colourful, different, and easy to remember. They are in all the art on the convention floors and paladins. When the first Paladins rosters came out, everyone noticed how much they looked like the Overwatch cast. But since it was announced, Paladins’ roster has grown to be even bigger and more varied than Overwatch’s.

Paladin’s roster takes place in a high fantasy world, so we get to see a place where we seem to be the last of our kind unless you’re a human or an elf. It has a dragon, a goblin, a fox that can talk, an orc, a tree, and a living bomb. Overwatch has what, a gorilla?

Even though Overwatch and Paladin’s are both in the same genre, they are in different worlds. One is about realistic sci-fi earth, and the other is about a magical place to live. The characters in Overwatch are real people, which helps players connect with them and makeup stories about them. The characters in Paladin are fun and not too hard to understand. If you want to look, there’s more below the surface.


Overwatch has everything you need to play right away, but Paladins has more than half its characters locked behind a strength you have to unlock. This isn’t as obvious in Paladins because you can only use one hero for the match. Overwatch, on the other hand, encourages its players to switch heroes when the situation calls for it.

Most players don’t switch characters, but you can if you’re getting hit hard, see a chance to play the current situation better, etc. In Paladins, like many other MOBAs, you must stick with a character as they level up. So if you get countered hard or find that what you’re doing isn’t working, you can always try again in the next match.

Paladins is a free-to-play game that lets you play as any hero you want as long as you pay $20. After paying $60 US for Overwatch, you can use all of their heroes immediately and forever. So, I’ll admit that Overwatch has spoiled me, and the unlocking process is more like a MOBA. Here are hero shooters. HI-Rez! Just let them play!

Paladin spawn rooms aren’t as exciting, but fewer arcade machines exist to destroy. They do have something cool that Overwatch doesn’t have: horses! In some games, this is just a speed boost that lets you get back into the action faster after dying. In other modes, you can switch mounts whenever you have a few seconds to spare.

The horse goes away as soon as you use an ability or shoot your gun. You can get back into the action much faster than if you were walking. In both games, you have to fight to win, gain experience, and, most importantly, get some sweet loot chosen randomly.


Now I’ll talk about the game’s graphics, but before I do, I want to say again that Paladins is a free game. Still, I think Overwatch is beautiful. The maps are colourful and only half-realistic. Maps are full of little things like lanterns that move in the wind, railings that break off and squeegee turnips that make you happy as you walk over them.

Maps are now made for different times of day in different countries and even in space. On higher settings, you can see that the clothes characters wear are made of different things. Even though it’s not photorealistic like many games try to be, Overwatch has a style that reminds me of Pixar.

Paladin’s is also very stylized, but some characters look like they are made of rubber. Maps are full of bright decorations that don’t move when time bombs or hyper beams go off. This will make Paladins easier to play at all levels of PC. Paladin’s life is drawn in a cartoon style, which gets him bonus points, but if his game were a AAA title, that wouldn’t work. These graphics aren’t very good, reminding me of many of the great graphics on the Xbox 360.

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The Bottom Line

Well, I think Overwatch is better than Paladins, and the more I played Paladins, the more I wanted to play Overwatch. But for a free-to-play game that is still in beta and has new content coming out all the time, Paladin’s is no joke. Even if this was Paladin vs Battle Born, I think it would be close. In the end, both games are worth what you pay for them.

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