Overwatch League announces new Inclusion program ‘Calling All Heroes’ for underrepresented genders


Overwatch League announces new Inclusion program ‘Calling All Heroes’ for underrepresented genders


The initiative includes a Challengers Cup for players and a Caster Camp for talents from underpresented genders

Activision Blizzard has announced a new program, ‘Calling All Heroes’, that aims to provide an inclusive environment for underrepresented genders in Overwatch 2. 

A joint program of Overwatch and Overwatch League, Calling All Heroes’ mission is to build an inclusive game and competitive environment for everyone. We are excited to announce a few initiatives this year that pursue that goal by focusing on equity, visibility and community support for underrepresented genders.”

There are two initiatives as part of the Calling All Heroes program:

  • Challengers Cup: An esports competition in which teams of players from underrepresented genders can show off their skills in Overwatch 2 
  • Caster Camp: An initiative that will identify promising esports casters (commentators) from underrepresented genders and provide them with training and resources to improve their skills 

Overwatch 2 Challengers Cup

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There are two qualifiers – in Oct and November. The Final takes place in December.

The Challengers Cup is an additional competitive avenue for underrepresented genders. It will run alongside the Path to Pro and provide an opportunity for everyone to take part.

Gender Verification System

The Challengers Cup will have a gender-verification system wherein users will have to confirm their gender. 

This is to ensure that all participants are of underrepresented genders, such as but not limited to: transgender, non-binary, genderfluid, and women-identifying individuals.

In a subsequent clarification to esports.gg, Activision Blizzard has also confirmed they will trust an applicant’s self gender-identification.

The verification process is designed to limit any people acting in bad faith and thus requires verification of accounts including Battle.Net, social media accounts and self-gender identification information. We will trust an applicant’s self gender-identification and, if an individual completes all steps, they will be accepted into the program.

Raidiant, a production company and platform for underrepresented genders will host the upcoming Challengers Cup. 

Event format

Qualifier 1

  • Takes place from Oct. 21–23
  • Format is Swiss-system round play into a single-elimination bracket, with the top 4 teams advancing to the final
  • Open registration capped at 128 teams 

Qualifier 2

  • Takes place from Nov. 18–20
  • Format is Swiss-system round play into a single-elimination bracket, with the top 4 teams advancing to the final
  • Open registration capped at 128 teams


  • Takes place in December, with exact dates TBA
  • Top 8 teams (top 4 from each qualifier) compete in a double-elimination bracket

More information is available on the official website here

Overwatch 2 Caster Camp

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Soe Gschwind, Matt “Mr. X” Morello and others will mentor applicants

Similar to the Challengers Cup, the Casters Cup aims to help underrepresented groups the opportunity to build skills and learn from the best. It will also serve as a networking opportunity for the underrepresented. 

Soe Gschwind, Matt “Mr. X” Morello and others will lead the programming for the Caster Camp. The official announcement also mentions that casters will have an opportunity to submit their VODs for reviews. 

All Camp participants will have the chance to apply what they learned during the sessions and submit a video reel of themselves trying their hand at casting an Overwatch map, to be reviewed by our panel of instructors. 

How to apply for Overwatch 2 Caster Camp?

Interested applicants can click here to go through the process. 

  •  Registration: Sept. 30–Oct. 17
  • Review Sessions: Nov. 12–13

A step in the right direction

Overwatch has always prided itself on its diverse community and the focus on enabling underrepresented groups. The Calling All Heroes Initiative is a step in the right direction championed by Activision Blizzard. It will provide an opportunity for players and talent alike to showcase their skill and learn from the best. 

With veterans like Soe, Mr. X and others helping new underrepresented talent develop their skills and the networking opportunities that come with this initiative, it is a golden opportunity.

Overwatch 2 releases on October 4 and Blizzard has already teased quite a few new features and the battle pass. 

Stay tuned to esports.gg for the latest Overwatch news and updates.

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