Overwatch Community Looks Back On Fond Memories Before Sequel’s Release


Fans and content creators alike rallied on Twitter under the hashtag #SeeYouOnTheOtherSide to say goodbye to the game on its last day.

Looking back at Overwatch

A day before Overwatch 2’s release, the time came for the original game to be sunset. A mere hours before the anticipated release of the sequel, the team-based shooter’s last moments were marked with netizens posting game clips of their favorite highlights online. Fun was had among online users despite the game’s faded popularity, keeping the hashtags “#SeeYouOnTheOtherSide” and “#Overwatch1” trending for hours. Memories were shared, and some fans reminisced about how the game impacted their lives.

Overwatch 2 will come with numerous game changes that aim to make the game more fast-paced and fun. One of these game updates is to reduce the match rosters to a 5v5, removing one of the tanks. According to fan criticism, this change to the game removed one of Overwatch’s unique features. This is offset by the Ultimate Ability for heroes charging slower whenever they damage tanks with temporary health. The adjustment to Overwatch’s future gameplay has seen positive reviews for the most part. Read our Overwatch 2 Tank Guide here.

Members of the Overwatch family also showed support to the hashtag, showing appreciation for all of the life-changing opportunities to connect with their large audience.

With Overwatch trends came the meme plays. Streamers and pro-players all gathered to share clips of hilarious misplays and tense in-game encounters that will be remembered long after the curtain closes on the game they came to know and love. As the 2016 Game Of The Year makes room for the sequel, the bittersweet trip down memory lane had some fans wishing for a few more moments with the original game.

Overwatch 2 will be implementing skill tiers in its competitive system when it comes out on October 4. According to Blizzard Entertainment’s blog, this will further categorize players according to skill level and make defeats feel less punishing. Attention has been put towards the gameplay experience as well. Since Overwatch 2 will be free-to-play, measures have been taken to deter alternate accounts from smurfing in lower skill tiers with new accounts. Blizzard has also adapted a battlepass system for the new game. For all the details on the latest changes coming to Overwatch’s business model, click here.

High-level plays were also among the clips that were shared for #SeeYouOnTheOtherSide. “Play of the game” post-game highlights were always one of the many reasons Overwatch grew in its popularity. Be it from edited meme compilations way back in Overwatch’s hay day, or insane clips that launched players like Seagull into the spotlight, these big-brained moves were seen making the rounds on Twitter. The fact that fans got the hashtag trending shows that the audience was alive and waiting with high expectations for the sequel. The level of attention was impressive for a game that ran for 6 years. 


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