Overwatch 2 Developer Update Looks at Ramattra’s Design Evolution


The latest Overwatch 2 developer update focuses on the upcoming tank character Ramattra’s design. Blizzard has historically been very willing to share information about the development of new characters even going back to Overwatch‘s launch. Dozens of unused character designs were shared publicly, many of which are frequently requested by Overwatch fans as upcoming releases. The new Ramattra Overwatch 2 dev update provides a similar sort of insight.

Ramattra, for those that aren’t familiar, will be Overwatch 2‘s next character. Blizzard plans to settle into a rhythm of releasing a new character every other season, but with Overwatch 2 still being freshly launched, this update is coming quicker. Ramattra is a tank and in lore is the leader of the nefarious Null Sector terrorist group of robotic omnics. Ramattra will be able to transform into a Nemesis form that’s tankier, can block, and can fight in close combat better than their standard form.


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In the new developer video, Blizzard explains that Ramattra’s visual design began with concept art for various standard Null Sector enemy types. There was one Null Sector enemy that looked like an Egyptian pharaoh, wielding a staff with a sort of magical power source. Blizzard decided this design was worth making into a full character, eventually giving him his Null Sector background. The Null Sector background led to significant changes, making his “magic” into purple nanites and giving his body and head a more skeletal appearance.

The base form for Ramattra is intended to appear as a shepherd, of sorts. He’s wearing a cowl and cape, and wields a staff. Him leading Null Sector also fits into this shepherd dynamic, with his followers being his flock. The Nemesis form, surprisingly, is completely separate from the rest of Ramattra thematically. It’s based on old Zenyatta concept art featuring multiple arms. The lore explanation is that Ramattra was once a Shambali monk, just like Zenyatta, which revered figures with multiple arms.

A variety of exciting pieces of Overwatch 2 concept art were shared for Ramattra as part of the video. These include versions of him wearing different robes and capes, wielding gauntlets and a lantern, and more. There’s even concept art for other versions of his Nemesis tank form, which appear to be inspired by the Greek Minotaur. It’s a thorough look into Ramattra’s beginnings.

What’s disappointing about the situation is, like with Overwatch 2‘s first season and Kiriko, Ramattra will not be available to free-to-play players when next season begins. He’ll require free-to-play players to progress 55 levels into the Battle Pass, likely driving away a lot of players that would be excited to try him out. This dev update’s priority is more likely to drive initial Battle Pass sales, which will unlock Ramattra immediately starting December 6.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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