Overcooked! All You Can Eat: World Food Festival update is out now


Overcooked! All You Can Eat World Food Festival Update is available to download now for free. This update will include the following content:


  • New 10 level DLC campaign and Chefs.
  • Visit 3 Biomes, Baked Bazaar, Metro Mash and Pepper Plaza.
  • 2 new chefs, Globe, Fox and 1 alternate skin for the Globe chef, Goldfish.
  • 2 new recipes: Bobotie & Curry
  • New game mechanic using the takeaway delivery bag.
  • Chefs can now be asked to box meals instead of plating.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ghost chef’s VFX can appear incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue of uneven line spacing in the menu settings.
  • [PC] Fixed an issue where the controller icons were not displayed correctly.

Additional Accessibility options

  • Added a reduced camera shake toggle.
  • Reduce flashing effect toggle.
  • Addition of an Assist mode added to the world map which can be toggled on/off at any point regardless of save file, allowing the game to be modified to the player’s needs.
  • Level skipping
  • Increase order timer slider
  • Increase recipe timer slider
  • Increase recipe scores by a percentage.
  • Toggle order timers on/off.
  • Shorten the player respawn timer.
  • Reduce the number of recipes displayed.
  • Turn off fires started by burnt food.
  • Player direction is clearer with an indicator displayed beneath the chefs.
  • Players aligned countertop highlight is now more noticeable.
  • Fonts – Fixed several Dyslexia font bugs.
  • Added a ‘flashing images’ warning to the boot flow.
  • Game and controller settings can now be changed in game.


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