Onmyoji Arena Millennial Guardian Event brings SSR Susanoo and SP Divine Prophet Susabi


The forthcoming Millennial Guardian event on October 19 will feature new Shikigami, including SSR Susanoo and SP Divine Prophet Susabi in Onmyoji Arena, as announced by NetEase Games, the online games business of NetEase Inc. From October 15 until the event, players can pre-register their interest for a chance to win in-game items and exclusive prizes.

SSR Susanoo and SP Divine Prophet Susabi will be appearing in a special Summoning Event

The storm’s master and the destroyer of evil are on their way to Onmyoji. Koki Uchiyama provides the voice of Susanoo, a warrior deity who commanded Takamagahara’s heavenly army during the Battle of the Seven Evil Gods thousands of years ago.

During this epic battle, Susanoo locked the Orochi with the powerful Ame-no-Habakiri blade while harnessing the might of Amaterasu to vanquish the evil gods. Despite being divine, Susanoo came down from the skies to battle alongside humans, and he continues to this day to defend the planet, never wavering from his responsibility.

The most devoted pupil of Tsukuyomi is the Divine Prophet Susabi (voiced by Daisuke Hirawaka), who uses his precognitive powers to provide prophecies to humans in need of direction. Susabi is a secretive and quiet person, yet those who get to know him well say that he is warm and gentle. Susabi sets out to discover whether fate can be changed and whether it is possible to go against the flow of reality after spending thousands of years trying to understand what fate means.

During a unique Summoning Event that takes place from October 19–30, 2022, SSR Susanoo and SP Divine Prophet Susabi will make an appearance. A summon made with a Mystery Amulet, AR Amulet, or Jade during this event will have a 2.5 higher chance of drawing an SP/SSR Shikigami.

Players who summon 100 times will receive a random SP Shikigami, and players who summon 600 times will receive either the SSR Susanoo or SP Divine Prophet Susabi if they had an SSR Full Collection prior to the maintenance window before the event on October 19. During the event, summoning will reward tier-appropriate gift bundles with Skill Daruma and Mystery Amulets. Other uncommon things include Skin Tokens, Jade, Self-Select SR and others.

Image via NetEase Games

The upcoming Millennial Guardian event will feature SSR Susanoo and SP Divine Prophet Susabi as key characters. Participants can engage in various gameplay challenges to earn event-exclusive tokens that can be exchanged for rewards like Dodomeki’s “Pearly Eyes” skin, SSR/SP Summon Scrolls, an animated frame, Skill Daruma, Jade, and more. Phase 1 of the Millennial Guardian event will take place from October 19 to October 26, and Phase 2 will take place from October 26 to November 1.

Onmyoji players can now pre-register for the Millennial Guardian event

Onmyoji players can now pre-register for the Millennial Guardian event from October 15 to October 25. Those who pre-register their interest have a chance to win in-game items, such as Mystery Amulets, and real-world prizes, including an iPhone 14. There will also be a minigame during the pre-registration event, where players can win an iPhone 14, Skin Tokens, or the ability to select two new Shikigami. All players will have a chance to win rewards based on the preregistration numbers.

  • 30,000 Players – Mystery Amulet, 10,000 Coins
  • 50,000 Players – 100 Skin Tokens, 20,000 Coins
  • 100,000 Players – 100 Jade, 40,000 Coins
  • 200,000 Players – 2 Mystery Amulets, 50,000 Coins

The battle for the heavens and the earth rages on in Onmyoji and players can bolster their ranks with two of the greatest champions among the Shikigami, merging Susanoo’s divine wrath with Susabi’s prophetic guidance. The Millennial Guardian event will be one of the most important in the history of Onmyoji and is not to be missed!

Are you looking forward to the Onmyoji Arena Millennial Guardian Event? Let us know in the comments below!

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