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Omega Strikers, developed and brought to you by Odyssey Interactive, is an interesting gaming title that aims to bring air hockey into an action-packed environment where you win the match, not by scoring goals but by knocking your opponent out. The game offers simple gameplay, but the features and powerups of different characters can make the game complex for newcomers, hence this Omega Strikers Beginners Guide here aims to ease up and simplify things for players.

Gameplay Overview

Omega Strikers is fully cross-platform, with console versions in the works. This means that you will get a variety of players playing the game on different platforms. Omega Strikers offers very fast action-packed gameplay that requires great skills and knowledge to master the game.

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

The game features action and hockey in a single game, fighting off your opponents with your superpowers is very much an essential part of this game.

Introducing the Basics of Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers features action and air hockey in a single game. Each team is composed of 3 players, who are different real-time players. You can select the position where you want to play and how you want to play. Rules are simple because there is no such thing as rules in this game, no yellow cards, no red cards you can unleash the fury and even knock your opponents down clueless.

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

Omega Strikers is a game that features action and soccer in a single game. Each player you choose has different powerups which can not only be used on the ball but also on your opponent.

Each time you use your power-up there is generally a cooldown period before which you can use the power again, hence timing is very important. The aim of every match played is simple and that is to outscore the opponent. You can set what should be the maximum number of goals to be scored in the game.

Customize your characters to your advantage

Customizations have a huge variety in Omega Strikers whether it is your character skin, your in-match emotes, or even your goal-scoring effects. Omega Strikers offer a depth in variety when it comes to customization, each character at least has one skin to their name. Every character also has a signature emote as well. You also get the opportunity to customize how you’re after-goal effects come up on the screen.

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

Training and Upgrading your characters

Training is done by basically adding perks to the player’s abilities. These perks boost the in-game statistics like speed, shot power, reflexes, and knockout powerup efficiency. Equipping different perks in the game could be a little challenging at first but once you will get a hold of things, it will be very easy to understand. Do refer to our training guide for a better understanding of the whole training system.

Omega Strikers Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Although the game, Omega Strikers is fairly simple to play, it is hard to master it. The game is not a button-mashing one, it requires good placement, timing, and strategy. After investing plenty of hours in the game, we have come up with the following key tips for the game in our Omega Strikers Beginners Guide.

1. Utilise your Strikers to their strengths and Powerups

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

When you start playing the game, be sure to check the stats and the power-ups of the player or character you choose to play with. Every character or striker offers a different power, for instance, Kai offers offensive powerups where you can use superkick, power slice, and forceful carry as powers each of these powers helps you charge a powerful shot toward the opposition’s net. Hence you should decide whether you want to go for a defensive lineup or an offensive lineup and choose your strikers accordingly.

2. Keep Training and Upgrading your Strikers

Training is small perks and bonuses you can equip before a match. This training helps you get temporary boosts for a span of time in the game, these boosts can be increased shot power, better stamina, additional pace, better aim, and many more such things. Hence it is necessary to keep on training and accumulate as many skills as possible.

3. Adjust the position of your player according to your playstyle

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

When you are setting up your character for a match, you will get 2 options, one is an offensive setup, where your attacking stats, such as shooting, passing, and speed are boosted up for the time being. The other option is the defensive one, where your defensive stats such as physicality and tackling skills are boosting up. Now it is up to you as to what position you want your player to play in the game.

4. Master the in-game Arena

It’s not just the individual skills that help you succeed in the game, you need to also take into account the angles of the arena which could be used to reflect the shot in your desired way. The same is true otherwise as well, you need to also consider how the opponent’s shot would get reflected. Hence analysis of the arena’s shape has to be considered before a game.

5. Knock out the Enemies

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

Omega Strikers allow players to knock the opponents down before they take the shot. This is very useful as the players stay knocked down for 5 seconds this gives ample amount of time to get a numerical advantage over the opposition and score a goal for yourself.

Final Thoughts

The game Omega Strikers offers great fun and fast-paced gameplay which can be played and shared with friends. It offers a unique experience where action and sports combine, your goal is not to score more goals than the opposition but also to knock them physically out in the process with your powerups. This enhances the experience that the game, Omega Strikers can offer.

The controls and powerups as easy as they might seem to be, offer in-depth options when it comes to training and using your player to the full potential. This Omega Strikers Beginners Guide however aims to ease up the strain and give players some valuable insights to master the game.

Did you find this Omega Strikers beginners guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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