OG explains Misha’s visa struggles


OG explains Misha’s visa struggles


OG detailed Misha’s visa struggles and his unintended lack of participation in LAN events. In the end, it was all for TI11.

After missing out on Stockholm and Arlington Major, Misha once again had to face the unfortunate reality of not being able to join the team at ESL One Malaysia in Genting. With that, OG decided that it was time to clarify Misha’s situation on its website.

OG provided a chronological account on Misha’s struggles to obtain visas for the various LAN tournaments of the year. His problem could be rooted to his need to maintain legal residency at Portugal where his team trained. Leading up toward ESL One Malaysia, OG believed that the best course of action to secure Misha’s attendance at TI11 was to get a head start in preparing a new passport and visa application for Singapore. This required Misha to return to Russia, and, thus, he had to miss the latest international LAN tournament in Malaysia. Visit OG’s website to read about “Misha’s long road to TI” to get the full story regarding Misha’s situation.

OG wants to set things straight regarding Misha’s situation

Time and time again OG never stopped singing praises for their position five and captain Mikhail “Misha” Agatov. OG gave credit to Misha by either mentioning his hard work and dedication in several interviews or simply referencing his name within the game with ‘#4misha’. Sadly, the year had not been kind for the Russian player under the circumstances. Faced with complex visa issues and worldly affairs, Misha was forced to sit on the sidelines while he watched his teammates grew without him.

There had been a total of four international LAN events this year and Misha was only able to attend one: Riyadh Masters 2022 in Dubai. OG won 3rd-4th place during that tournament, earning $425.000 dollars. Misha also received an additional $25.000 from the tournament organizer as a special achievement award. This was not, by any means, a small accomplishment. Yet it dwarfed when compared to the prospect of participating and winning Majors with the team.

OG to play ESL One Malaysia with Chuvash

Hopefully, OG’s preemptive decision to focus its efforts in securing Misha’s visa for TI11 will pay off. In the mean time, OG will participate at ESL One Malaysia 2022 with Evgenii “Chuvash” Makarov as Misha’s stand-in. Be sure to follow their games in this tournament and keep yourself up-to-date with esports.gg.

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