Now, THIS Is Something Unique…

Are you tired of seeing the same old content everywhere? Do you crave something truly unique and original? Then look no further, because what we have in store for you today is nothing less than extraordinary. Prepare to be amazed as we unveil something truly special and innovative. This is definitely not your average blog post, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Now, THIS Is Something Unique…

As the gaming industry continues to expand, it seems that many developers are sticking to tried-and-true formulas – resulting in a growing issue of homogenization. The industry is in desperate need of a game that dares to stand out, and that game just might be “Mouse” – an upcoming project developed by fumi games in Poland.


“Mouse” is a first-person shooter that delivers an immensely unique experience to players. The game combines contrasting genres and features a distinctive art style that is inspired by Disney animated movies of the 1930s. If you’re tired of the same old titles with the same old gameplay, then it’s time to meet “Mouse”.

The Storyline

In “Mouse”, players take on the role of a detective who must battle waves of enemies. The storyline is deeply inspired by noir thrillers, bringing with it a sense of mystery and intrigue. Through the use of different weapons and special abilities, players must fend off all who stand in their way.


To progress through the game, players must use vending machines scattered throughout the environment. These machines allow players to upgrade their weapons and special abilities, giving them a fighting chance against their foes. The better weapons and abilities you have, the better your chance of survival. But, it’s not just about upgrading – players must also use strategy to determine the most effective combinations of weapons and abilities to take on the challenges ahead.

The Art Style

One of the most striking elements of “Mouse” is its art style. The game is fully 3D with carefully designed characters, props, and environments that are all inspired by the iconic Disney animated movies of the 1930s. The combination of vivid colors, on-point animation, and quality jazz music make for a completely immersive and aesthetic experience that players won’t forget anytime soon.

Release and Speculation

“Mouse” will be released for PC through Steam in 2024, with expected availability on other consoles looking likely. Despite the game being in development for several years, much about it still remains a mystery, leaving players all the more excited and intrigued.


If you’ve grown tired of the common genres and formats that fill the gaming market, then “Mouse” could be the breath of fresh air that you’ve been waiting for. The gameplay, storyline, and art style make for an experience that’s entirely unique and highly entertaining. And, with the game set to release soon, we can’t help but eagerly anticipate its arrival.


  1. Is “Mouse” only available on PC?
  • For now, “Mouse” will only be available on PC through Steam – but there’s a possibility of a console release in the future.
  1. Will “Mouse” have multiplayer options?
  • So far, it has been confirmed that “Mouse” will be a single-player game.
  1. What age rating will “Mouse” have?
  • While no specifics have been released, it’s likely that “Mouse” will have a mature rating, given its first-person shooter gameplay and noir-inspired storyline.
  1. Can players customize their character in “Mouse”?
  • No information has been released about customizable characters at this time.
  1. What inspired the developers to create “Mouse”?
  • The creators of “Mouse” wanted to deliver a truly fresh and unique experience to players, so they drew inspiration from classic noir thrillers and paired it with a distinctive art style inspired by Disney.
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