Nintendo explains why they added the coral color to the Switch Lite lineup


When the Switch Lite first launched, there were just three colors to pick from. Fans could go with grey, yellow or turquoise, and it seemed like those interested in the platform were happy with the selection. That said, some players were hoping for a bit more variety, and it turns out Nintendo was thinking the same thing.

The next color to join the Switch Lite lineup was coral, and in a new article from Nintendo themselves, Nintendo designer Sakai Yurkio revealed how Nintendo arrived at the decision to add this color to the Lite lineup.

If you take a look at promo materials for the coral Switch Lite, you’ll notice that many of them showcase Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well. That’s not a coincidence, as Yurkio stated that Nintendo was looking to add a color to the Lite lineup that would compliment Animal Crossing as well. The Big N was also interested in adding a color that would ‘warm up’ the spectrum a bit.

Couple those two pieces of information and you get Nintendo’s arrival at the coral Switch Lite. It’s certainly a lovely addition to the color options, and it does seem to go exceedingly well with Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


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