NiceWigg is using a GameCube controller to climb to Masters in Apex Legends


NiceWigg is using a GameCube controller to climb to Masters in Apex Legends


NiceWigg is bringing back his hardest challenge: Reaching Masters while solo queuing in Apex Legends with a GameCube controller.

Streamer Jack “NiceWigg” Martin is attempting one of the toughest Apex Legends challenges yet.

Earlier this week, NiceWigg announced the return of of “hardest challenge.” Starting November 25, he would start playing Apex Legends with a GameCube controller, attempting to solo queue his way up to Masters rank on PC.

NiceWigg included a photo of the controller he’d be using, a classic orange GameCube controller that’s missing the padding on the C-Stick. He also sent a follow-up tweet, revealing that he found a second webcam and would be setting up a “hand cam” like in previous years.

This is quite the fascinating challenge. Controller players are already said to be at a disadvantage due to their slower reaction times and lack of precision compared to keyboard and mouse. But playing on an even older controller that was not meant for modern shooters is even more of a challenge.

A lot of viewers noted that the C-Stick was most definitely a hinderance when it came to accurate movement. And having to reach a finger over to the opposite side of the controller to use the D-Pad also seemed like it wasn’t the most optimal for fast-paced gunplay.

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Despite the disadvantage, NiceWigg continued to play as if he were slaying on keyboard and mouse. Fans in the chat commended NiceWigg for treating lower rank with respect and still putting in effort in his earlier matches. Others were entertained with the “rookie comms” from his random teammates but NiceWigg said the comms were “phenomenal” and “better than the comms” in matches with prizes on the line.

NiceWigg is currently a full-time streamer for 100 Thieves. He is also a professional caster for Apex Legends tournaments. Even though he’s a hardcore gamer, many were still stunned that his thumb wasn’t in ruins after playing Apex Legends for hours with a GameCube controller.

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