Lost ARK: The Best Ways To Get To The Next Level Quickly In Lost ARK

There’s no doubt about it: grinding is a big part of getting stronger in Lost Ark.

If you play Lost Ark, you might not know how to level up quickly or which methods are the best. We’ll help you quickly level up in Lost Ark by giving you some important tips in this article.

Which level in Lost ARK is the hardest?

At the moment, it is level 50. There’s a chance that it will go up in a future update. But if you want to get through Lost Ark quickly and without much trouble, you don’t have to wait for updates or rush through hundreds of levels before they’re raised again.

You can jump right into Lost Ark and have fun at whatever level you can reach because there will always be a boss waiting for you, no matter how far you get. And this is something that all players have in common, no matter how long they’ve been playing.

Following our guide below, you’ll never have to fight with other characters over Lost Ark levelling resources again. No more begging friends already at the top of the game to help you. Everything we show here is something you can do on your own, mostly with in-game tools.

How to raise your level in Lost Ark

You will have to spend time and money on these things, but they will help you get stronger.

Aside from that, if you play Lost Ark every day, you can use a daily reward system to get free rewards. Every day, the kind of reward will be different, so don’t miss out.

Please spend some time looking around shops, too, because they have a lot of things that can help you in battle.

If you have time, you can do the quests given to you. If you have money, you can use it to build your reputation. Remember that these techniques take a long time.

If you don’t have much free time, you should focus on getting your daily rewards, which are quick and don’t take much work.

Don’t forget about shops either, because they sell things that will help you in battles and may also give you more tips and tricks.

You can explore, craft objects, and raise your stats. I find it easiest to raise your stats. These will also help a lot when it comes to exploring.

When hunting wild animals, you have to move around a lot. Some of them are also very tough, so it’s easy to give up if you keep dying repeatedly.

Try hunting herbivores until you get a good bow and arrows, and then go after carnivores (and be sure to tame one at some point). The good thing about using a bow is that it doesn’t use up your energy, so you can stay in one place and shoot all day.

Just watch out for giants because they seem hard to hit with arrows. And don’t try destroying anything too big right away. Even though bows don’t use up stamina, they still do when you shoot an arrow or even pull back your bowstring.

Don’t let your character stand there like an idiot firing arrow after arrow at something that might take dozens or even hundreds of shots to kill.

Pull back on an arrow only if you have no other choice, and as soon as it gets off the string, go in the opposite direction.

If you need to, you can pull back on another arrow as you run away from whatever is chasing you, as long as you have more than one way to go.

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Completing missions is crucial.

You need a certain number of points to pass each level. Every character has its own set of quests, and if you don’t finish them all in a certain amount of time, your character’s experience bar won’t go up until you do.

It’s important to know that each quest gives you more than enough XP for one level-up, so it doesn’t matter how many times you do one. Just don’t miss any of them!

It also helps to have friends around because they can send you private messages when they have new quests, and they might even take some of your quests off your hands.

On top of that, you get a bonus every five minutes, or so that depends on your level, and every three levels or so, you get an extra perk point that lets you choose from different skill points to customize your character.

So don’t waste too much time dragging your feet; remember: it’s always better to stay at high levels. You can keep getting great rewards by doing events often between levelling up without having to grind.

But there is no question that grinding is an important part of power levelling in Lost Ark.

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