New World’s Microtransactions. Is Pay to Win?

For a good reason, many gamers get nervous when they hear the word “microtransactions” for a good reason. Often, games are full of “microtransactions” that make the game harder, less fun, or even impossible to play unless you pay more money. People often call these games “pay to win,” meaning you can pay money to get end-game gear, skip steps in the game, or avoid annoying parts.

Since Amazon Games said their upcoming MMO, New World, will have microtransactions, there have been many rumours that the game will be “pay to win.” Now that Amazon Games has told us more about the types of microtransactions in New World, we’re going to look into whether or not New World is a “pay-to-win” game.

What kind of microtransactions will be available in New World?

During the Alpha for New World, some players noticed that the game would have a storefront. It’s easy to see why people would have questions about this, and while many MMOs do have in-game stores, rumours started to spread that the microtransactions in this store would ruin the fun of playing New World.

Rich Lawrence, the studio director at Amazon Games, made this clear in May. In a Twitter post, he said that ideas for microtransactions were still being tested and that all microtransactions in New World at launch would be cosmetic. This makes New World like many other MMOs, which also have stores where you can buy only cosmetic items.

Still, Amazon Studios is talking about other ideas for microtransactions. Rested XP bonuses and fast travel will be added to New World in a future update. The prices and effects of these changes are still being worked out. Also, a “battle pass” program may be added in the future, but Rich Lawrence clarified that this is only being thought about right now and will be tested thoroughly before being added.

Will New World have a pay-to-win model?

Since New World hasn’t been fully released yet at the time of writing, it’s hard to say. Since MMOs change quickly after they come out, and games like Final Fantasy XIV and The Elder Scrolls Online almost go back to the drawing board after they come out, any answer to this question could change.

But Amazon Games has promised that New World won’t be a “pay to win” game and that its microtransactions won’t be annoying, unfair, or change the way the game works. Some people are still worried that microtransactions that add convenience mean that there is a financial reason to make a game hard for people who don’t pay. Still, Rich Lawrence’s statement should put those worries to rest until the public can play and explore the game.

So, to answer the question, it doesn’t look like New World will be a pay-to-win game. Any added microtransactions will only make the game easier to play, and they will be tested carefully to ensure that the game’s balance and fun remain the same.

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Amazon responds to concerns about “pay-to-win” in the New World.

The standard edition of New World costs $39.99, and Amazon says players won’t have to pay more to get the full experience. But the game will have an in-game shop that will use premium currency, which can be bought with real money and used to buy things.

During the alpha, players had access to this in-game store that uses premium currency but couldn’t buy things with real money. Amazon said at the time that nothing was set in stone and that they would pay close attention to user feedback.

David Verfaillie, the creative director of New World, recently told Eurogamer: “We have heard what players have to say. Our main goal is to ensure people don’t have to pay to win. The focus is on beauty products, and that’s all we’ll do at launch.”

Verfaillie says that most of the items in the store will be for looks and that you can get all of them by playing the game.

Verfaillie says that when it comes to non-cosmetic items, everything they add will be quality-of-life items. They will be very careful not to break the game’s balance or give unfair advantages to players who don’t use the premium currency.

When asked for specifics, Verfaillie said they would include more storage, rested XP, and fast travel, all of which are available in-game and can be bought from the store.

It is important to know that New World will not have a paid subscription. You will only have to buy the game once, and everything else will be optional.

Amazon says that, in addition to the in-game store, they plan to add a battle pass system in the future, which will offer a mix of store items and early access to some new items.

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