New State Mobile introduces a brand new 4×4 map, Akinta

New State Mobile, currently the newest game in the PUBG franchise spread across both PC and mobile has introduced its latest map Akinta in the last update. The map is the third map in the game after the original Erangle map and the New State exclusive Troi map, which have been in the game since its inception. Read further to find out more about the map.

The new Akinta map combines features of both Erangel and Miramar

Akinta is a 4×4 map which means that it is 4 kilometers in both length and breadth. To put this into perspective, it is of the same size as the Sanhok map available in PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC for those who have played either of those games, which applies to most of the New State players. The map looks like it is designed to be somewhat of a fusion between two of the most iconic maps in the PUBG universe, Erangel, and Miramar.

The Northern side resembles the varied terrain with a decent cover like Erangel while the Southern side resembles the arid landscape of the desert map Miramar. Akinta will be able to hold up to 100 players at a given point in time and each match will last for an approximate period of 15 minutes.

Akinta brings new weapons and vehicles to New State Mobile

The Akinta map will feature its own exclusive gun, a modified variation of the classic AKM called the AK Alfa. Like its existing counterpart, the AK Alfa will also use 7.62mm type ammunition and can be fitted with all the regular attachments such as a muzzle, scope, magazine, and grip. It also has the highest damage per bullet of all existing ARs in New State Mobile.

Image via Krafton

As for the weapon patches, the most crucial is the change in the amount of damage dealt by a customized SMG over long distances. This change is being implemented due to an increased number of players using SMGs to engage in long-range fights which goes against the purpose of an SMG, which is close-quarters combat. Also, the KAR98 could now be fitted with a barrel extender and the bullet velocity for the shotgun S1897 has been increased as well. The frag grenade and poison grenade also received a balancing change.

New State Mobile Akinta vehicle
Image via Krafton

The new map comes with a new vehicle as well. The vehicle is known as the Vcab and will run on batteries for fuel. When talking about vehicles, it is also necessary to mention that the trams in Akinta will have a speed buff and will thus allow players to travel from one part of the map to another faster than before.


New State Mobile has been working to the best of its strengths ever since its disastrous launch. The game is now better with more elements and better polished than ever before which is bound to give players a very much better experience in the game now. Thus with all these changes, we can only hope for the game to get the attention it deserves from the players.

Are you excited about the new map Akinta in New State Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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