New Like a Dragon: Ishin Trailer Sets Up the Story


The newest trailer for Like a Dragon: Ishin introduces players to the story of Tosa clan samurai Ryoma Sakamoto and his quest for vengeance.

The newest trailer for Like A Dragon: Ishin introduces fans to the story of the Yakuza spinoff, introducing players to main character Ryoma Sakamoto and his journey to avenge his master. The game was first revealed by Sega last September, confirming a full-fledged remake of the spinoff originally released in 2014. The game’s original release served as the last major Yakuza game before the launch of Yakuza 0 saw the franchise explode in popularity. Now, a new trailer sets up the story of the samurai spinoff.


The months leading up to the release of Like A Dragon: Ishin have seen several major reveals related to the spinoff. Sega has confirmed several popular mini-games will be returning in Ishin including card games, chicken race betting, and even the karaoke mini-game with a new arrangement of series staple “Baka Mitai.” Ishin also features new elements with the game set in Bakumatsu-era Japan like a farming and cooking mini-game. With less than a month until the game’s release, Sega is getting players excited for the story of Ishin.

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A new trailer released Monday morning introduces players to Ishin‘s main protagonist, Ryoma Sakamoto, serving as a samurai within the Tosa clan. After Ryoma’s mentor is murdered by a mysterious assassin, Ryoma joins the Shinsengumi in order to track down his master’s killer and take vengeance for his murder. The story of Like a Dragon: Ishin features several characters bearing the likeness of fan-favorite characters like Goro Majima and Haruka Sawamura among others in the main cast. The spinoff also retains the same voice talents as those characters’ modern counterparts.

Ishin is set to portray the world of Like a Dragon in a far different setting than previous games in the franchise. The modern setting of the main-series Like a Dragon games has been substituted for a Japan during the waning years of the era of samurai. The gameplay similarly represents many of these changes with mini-games coming in the forms of traditional card games like Koi-Koi and Poker rather than other games’ arcades. Ishin will also retain the “card-based battle system” of the original version with the remake.

Like a Dragon: Ishin‘s announcement last year came with two other major reveals for the future of the Like a Dragon franchise. Like a Dragon Gaiden was revealed as another spinoff set to release in 2023, following Kiryu’s adventures during the events of Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Sega would also reveal the next main entry in the franchise, Like a Dragon 8, with a planned release window for 2024. Fans of Like a Dragon will have plenty to look forward to throughout the next year with multiple spinoffs and a main-series game coming.

Like a Dragon: Ishin releases on February 21 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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